June 22nd, 2006

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umm... so i've decided that i need to sell several things to help pay for my trip to japan in august. this includes several magazines with kat-tun, as well as an unopened real face box set. there's also a handful of doujinshi and other cds.

if anyone's interested, complete info can be found here.

thanks for looking!

i didn't see anything about selling things in the rules, but if it's not allowed, feel free to delete this post. ^^;
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[requesting a perf]

hey y'all! ^__^ i have a request..does anybody have jin's perf "ha-ha"? i would appreciate it if anybody would give it to me ^_^ . and i prefer not MU because sumtimes it hates me! *HUGS!! ^3^*

and sorry no bribes at da moment bcoz i bet you guys have loads more KAT-TUN stuff than me! XD

edit: GOT 'EM! thx kanika_ishtar&yokumiz !!! ^_^ </span>