June 21st, 2006

yuuwaku Kame


yeah the news show [MEZAMASHI] showed a clip of [SAPURI] filming~
and we get to see kame surfing!!
in the ocean, on the waves~ yeah
i don't have picture now, but i am sure the video will be out soon
since it was aired 7:30 this morning(21st in japan)

also~ the new TV guide,
KAT-TUN are soo cool!
they all get to be vampires!! yeah~~
except koki
he's warewolf!!
looking forward to see the pic

for Swedish and other nordic fans(?)

okay! I duno if this is old news and I honestly don't care because I'm kinda squealing right now :D
I saw this at the forum j-pop.se
As the first place out of Japan (dunno if this actually is true) is a JE record available for Swedish fans (and Finland, Norway and Denmark I think)
Seishun Amigo is available to order at CDON.com. it costs only 29 kr so go ahead and order it now!!! and as they wrote there, the more people who order it, the bigger is the chance that they will come here and play :D
Just thought I should let you know, if anyone (like me) missed out of this info...
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Does anyone have the lyrics for 'Six Senses'? Can be in Japanese kana, romanji, or English. I just need lyrics :D Thanks!

p.s. Who else is totally obsessed with this song? According to iTunes I've listened to it 40 times since yesterday. Hahaha. And I've lost count of how many times I've watched the Utawara perf... it's been A LOT.
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Hello I've just recently discovered KAT-TUN and I am already in love with them. It seems that they're new right? Since they just released their debut single and one album and also a dvd. So I'm glad to be here with all of you and I need help in learning more about them like their age, birthdays, etc.
kame 2

Translation Ueda Speech

Saa... I wanted to translate this some time ago and tonight I finally finished it~ It's the speech of Ueda in his produced SC from 2005/09/11 ... maybe you all kinda regocnize i have a crush on Ueda xD

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