June 19th, 2006


[Fic] Forever

Title: Forever *COMPLETED*
Pairing: Akame
Author: ruby
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG13 to R
Date: 06.06.19
Summary: This fic was inspired by a novel entitled “The Zahir”. Zahir is someone or something, which once we have come into contact with them or it, gradually occupies our every thought, until we can think of nothing else. This can be considered either a state of holiness or of madness.

Being able to experience love is a wonderful feeling… Love and happiness are two of the most important things that people try to achieve… Some found it. Some don’t. Some got lost along the way. Some got it easy. Some got it difficult. Some gave up without ever realizing that it is near. There were times when you are ready to give up everything for someone only to find out that what you sacrificed is not enough for the person you love. This is a story of how two people can withstand life’s cruelties and difficulties to finally achieve love and happiness. Forever.

Chapter 6

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This came in the CDJapan newsmail. 8D;

KAT-TUN / Signal [Regular Edition] (CDA)
Price: Yen- 1000, US$(8.59) Release Date: 19-Jul-2006
KAT-TUN's second single features a funky dance tune! Theme song
to "NTT DoCoMo new 9 series" commercial. (starring members of
KAT-TUN) *Only regular edition includes unreleased song "I'll
be with you." *Jacket artwork differs from limited edition.

On a sidenote, does anyone have Seishun Amigo by Yamapi? n__n; I want that song, too~
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Question about Real Face DVD

hi hi i have a question about the Real Face DVD (yes i know, a bit late to ask XD) i dont have it in my posession so i cant test it for myself or anything ^^;; i heard that if you press the ANGLE button(?) on the DVD player, it'll switch to the different angles of each member. well, i dont have an all region DVD player so how would i get the different angles if i were to play it on my computer? thanks in advanceee ♪
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This is actually my first post here... But I've been a part of this community for awhile...
But anyway, I have some clips/performances I put up for my friend and I thought I would share them before the links expire...


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I need some help!  I've bene looking around for a while to find either a mp3 or video of KAT-TUN and NewS singing "Summary."  I found one video, but the first 20 seconds or so are cut off.  Does anybody have the video or even just the song?  I would love you forever if you would upload it for me!  *begs*  Thanks all! <3

Also does anyone else use a 1280x800 screen resolution?  I made a few wallpapers, but I made them to fit my screen (1280x800) so I don't know if I should post them up for you guys.  Should I put them up here anyway?
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translations of kaizokuban

Does anyone happen to have translations of the part in the Kaizokuban concert when they're talking to the Jrs. after Maru gets stuck trying to get out of the jail thing? (Really, any translations of the non-song parts of Kaizokuban would be great.)

My limited Japanese is useless here. ^__^

Thanks in advance.
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Kaizokuban pics

I just watched the first part of the Kaizokuban concert (which i really like)and I was wondering if anyone had any pics of the outfits they wear during the opening. I really want to try and make the hat that...ummm..oh geez. I still don't know their names......well its the smaller hat i think. I really like those outfits for some reason. Thanks~!