June 17th, 2006

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I was just wondering if anyone had messanger in mp3 format? I'm sorry I know it's kinda old but I just recently got <s>obsessed</s> hooked on to Kat-tun and started to watch their concerts and whatnot on youtube. And I love this song but can't find it anywhere!!

Thanks in advance.
idiot! says JunKi :D

Request of Maru-ness ^^"

Hey there~~ I'm new here *bows* Love NEWS and ya ya yah to bits and just addicted to Kat-tun~ Especially Kame and Maru XD~

I just saw the recent sc where Maru sang Understandable and it was love <3 <3!!! Was wondering is anyone had that particular performance? And so far, I just know that Maru sang Understandable, wondering if he has anymore solos ^^" Or any nice clips bout Kame or Maru XD"

No bribes since I'm new >< But I'm willing to upload Understandable mp3 if anyone is interested, I got it from a friends of mine na ^^
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I bring fic! Or drabble, but it's over 300 words. And untitled, because I fail this way.

Pairing: Akame ♥
Rating: PG, or thereabouts. Probably.
Summary: Jin has nice hair.

( shiny! )

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sho and ohno

A Kattun/Arashi Fanfic Part 2

Title: Butterfly Trap
Author: meela2389
: JinDa, kinda Akame
Minor Characters
: Tanaka Koki, Taguchi Junnosuke, Nakumaru Yuichi, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninmiya Kazunari, Matsumoto Jun
: I own them in my dreams...and then I wake up...and realize that i don't own them in real life...don't hurt me *sniffles...goes back to dream land*
: Shounen-Ai *ish* umm...dramatic comedy??? lol...ummm it's kinda undecided as of now. but i'd say somewhat a mixture of fluff and smut.
: 14A ??? lol...i'm not good at ratings...i mean, it's not like i can stop people from reading...but meh...it's 14A for potential smut content
: Ueda couldn’t help but notice Jin’s maturity while he sung…he looked so goddamn sexy. It wasn’t helping his whole attitude either. He couldn’t put what had happened right before the performance, and he knew that not only were his bandmate’s were concerned, but Mastsumoto, Ohno, Aiba, Sho and Nino were also concerned. So why was Jin grinning, and why was he suddenly left in an awkward situation with Ohno?
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