June 16th, 2006

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Pre-order for new single, Signal ^_^

Hi everyone. The new single is up for pre-order at now. Here are the direct links:-

CDjapan links
Signal [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Signal [Regular Edition]

Yesasia links
Signal (SINGLE+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
Signal (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)

HMV Japan link
Signal (Regular Edition)
Limited edition has been sold out at HMV Japan... for now at least.

Good luck, everyone~ ^_^
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I don't suppose I've ever actually introduced myself here.  Hi everyone...I'm Kim.  I'm a really really big KAT-TUN fan and like just about every group that works for Johnny.  But KAT-TUN will always be my favorite group no matter how cute Yamapi gets. XD  

Ummmm...my favorite member is Koki, but Ueda comes in at a close second.  My favorite song of theirs is either "She Said" or the Akame duet of "Kanashemi Blue." 
I have no idea what else to say...so I'll just end this here...*waves*
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Hey there! I'm a new member and I'll introduce myself! ^.^
My name is Tina, I'm a really big fan of Kat-Tun. My favorite pairing is Akame! (Bonnie Butterfly by Akame is so love!!! XD)
And my favorite members are JinJin and Kame.
Eh....I like many Kat-Tun songs....I really like them all...^.^"
So, I hope that's okay!
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