June 15th, 2006



it's the greedy person again. Xox *mooow*
i missed to download the ★ subbed version of real face film part 2 ★ PLUS clubbox is a no.
would anyone like to upload it somewhere else, again?!

lots of luv awaits the winner! Xx
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yuuwaku Kame

[SIGNAL] Second Single July 19th

yup, the rumor is true.
second single is already up for preorder...
well, so far in rakuten
i am sure official news will follow soon.

[SIGNAL] will be the CM song for the DOCOMO CM that all member will be in.
(that meas there will be a commercial with 6 of them!!! YEAH)
■初回盤 '06/7/19

Limited Edition
+ DVD (making the CM)
1,200 YEN

Normal Editon
-(another song)
-(karaoke of the song)
1,000 YEN

pre-order url under the cut
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Notti - Concert

[fic] Akame

Title: Wish
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Angst

For akame4eva *hug* Eeek I'm new to the comm but I stalked for a while and never posted. SHAME ON ME. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the drabble, it's sorta my apology for lurking for so long XD
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