June 14th, 2006



You people are probably sick of requests by now, but I'm gonna try anyway >_<

I'd like to request the infamous Jin car shrimp clip ^_^
I only need the audio file though so if you happen to have the audio and video split that's fine too.
(I want to cut out the car shrimp bit and set it on my phone for when I recieve a text message, yeah I'm weird like that >_<)

Thanks in advance
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REQUEST - AIUEO (AKAME playing jan ken pon)

Hi everyone! I'm terribly sorry to trouble you here... but I was wondering if anyone has the AIUEO Tokyo Dome debut concert clip mentioned in the forum topic linked here: http://bakanosekai.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=374

There's a CLUBBOX link (http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/p0t67) for it but CLUBBOX absolutely refuses to let me download anything for the past few months *tear*

If anyone could upload it for me I would really appreciate it and love you forever! (no really ^_^) Thank you very much in advanced!
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HI~! I just joined. I really like Japanese boy bands (I'm a really big w-inds. fan right now...) and I've been wanting to know about KAT-TUN for a while now so I joined~! From the little I"ve seen of them I really like KAT-TUN~! So hopefully this community will help me turn into a KAT-TUN fan~! ^^
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A Kattun/Arashi Fanfic

Title: Butterfly Trap
Author: meela2389
Pairing: As of now, Jin x Ueda, and a hint of Akame...but who knows, I have so many idea's in my head, they may change ^^
Minor Characters: Tanaka Koki, Taguchi Junnosuke and as of now, everyone except MatsuJun from Arashi *sorry*
Disclaimer: I own them in my dreams...and then I wake up...and realize that i don't own them in real life...don't hurt me *sniffles...goes back to dream land*
Genre: Shounen-Ai *ish* umm...dramatic comedy??? lol...ummm it's kinda undecided as of now. but i'd say somewhat a mixture of fluff and smut.
Rating: 14A ??? lol...i'm not good at ratings...i mean, it's not like i can stop people from reading...but meh...it's 14A for potential smut content
Summary: Ueda begins to feel that maybe Jin isn't so much a Baka as everyone assumes, considering the weird looks, the potential pick up line?? what...is Jin hitting on Ueda??? What about Kazu-chan?!?!?
*believe me, the summary will get better*

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