June 12th, 2006



It is my pleasure to announce the opening of Neko!Jarashi, a Nya!Fansubs project. N!J is N!F's little alcove for various clips, performances and PVs that we feel like subbing. All links here go to their respective bittorrent page. For MU links and such, please visit http://nya.kadaan.com
Or, if you're friended on my MU archive, it's in the latest Journal entry ^^ http://hhvd.livejournal.com

[N!J] Yamashita Tomohisa - 2006.01.15_SC - Love XXXX
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[N!J]KAT-TUN 2005.06.01_Minna No Terebi Voice Lesson
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[N!J] Kanjani8 - Yoko getting Hypnotized
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drink - blood splatter

[Scans] Girl Kame (Vivi July 06)

I scanned and uploaded this to my forum (HesF) about half a month ago. Anyways... I also promised suguishi I would post them to lj sooner or later ^^;;; because she's too lazy to post the minimum requirement to see the pictures section in HesF :P Today's my first day off from work in 2 weeks so... douzo =)

These scans have been posted at least twice b4 by others, but mine are cut differently so that instead of just the main 4 pages, I also cut up each individual pictures on each page (resulting in a total of 17 pictures all at 1000 px across in resolution). just cuz i hate scrolling so much :P

Just check them out if you want ^__^

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hope you like them =)
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

Yay! New Header/Layout!

Yay! New header. This time, they're featuring lovely scans of ihearyourtears' Boao, May 2006 because this is the most gorgeous and the sexiest photoshoot I've ever seen my our boys participate in. =) And this time, it's a lovely blue scheme because admittedly, I was getting really tired of the pink/white colour scheme. Too much white is not a good thing. And last but not least, please take note that for some strange reason, the Boao photoshoot people decided to give the KAT members reddish clothes and the TUN the darker colours... i just found that a bit strange. Anyways, and oh yes, please take note of Junno's lovely red sweater. Hmm. He should wear less. Kame too. Hee. 

Also, I went back a few pages and sorted some of the posts into respective tag categories. They are sorted between downloads (media downloads: MP3s, videos, fanvideos etc., not screenshots or picture packages), scans (magazines and stuff) and translations. And also, a plug to sadaoru's lovely post on rules recently added to the community. Cheerios.

That's all for now. Any comments and criticisms and problems on viewing the layout, please reply like before. =)

P.S. Again, please take note of Junno's uber-hotness in that red sweater. =D