June 11th, 2006


Popolo July 2006

I've seen lots of pics from Duet, Potato and WinkUp posted here but not many from either Popolo or Myojo. Since I have both July issues and the photoshoots are good, why not share them?

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The Myojo pics will be in another post because there are so many of them.
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I ripped SIX SENSES, and I figured I share it here. Credit goes to murasaki_stars for the video.

I uploaded it two places, since some people have problems with certain servers. If anyone needs reups, just ask. ^^

The files are in WMA format, since the M4A version was giving me trouble. Sorry for all the trouble. =(

YSI link

MU link It should work now, sorry!

SS link uploaded by hk_mizuki. Thank you!

SS link uploaded by rikayla in MP3 format. Thank you!

You don't need to comment or anything either. Enjoy! ^^
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[Fanfic] Love at First Sight (Chapter 13)

Title: Love at First Sight (Chapter 13)
Pairings: Kusame (MAIN), Kusapi, Akame, RyoUeda (?!?!), JunnoShige (WTF?!?!), Koyato...more to come...?
Rating: PG-13/R
Warnings: Profanity
Synopsis: This is a fic lightly influenced by Shakesphere's Romeo and Juliet. Although the story itself takes place in modern times, you can see some parallelism from the actual play to my own fic. But yeah anyways, it's this whole theme of KATTUN versus NEWS rivalry thingie going on, blah blah blah. Why don't you give it a shot? :)

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( Chapter 13 )

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[kat-tun] kuchibiru

[NEWS/RUMOR] A New Single!?

I couldn't find rumor policy here (and I read over the userinfo just in case... xD), but please remove this if it's not acceptable!

So. I heard this over at A-Baka in a thread started by bobo who found out about it from dreamaboutarashi at IdolThoughts. It's weird, so I'll credit both. :D

Make way for quoting quotes! x__x xD


this is what Joey Carbone (songwriter) said to me (YES i know him! XD he also did KAT-TUN's "NEVER AGAIN"),

my song " SIGNAL" will be the next single CD song for KAT-TUN ( release date july 19).
this song will also be the new DOCOMO TV CM song featuring KAT-TUN.
i think this song is a little different style for KAT-TUN."

And my input would be...
I'm surprised and honestly a tad skeptical. If it's true... HELLO PIGGY BANK. YOU SEEM A BIT EMPTY? D:
But of course, I'd certainly buy it. D:
Mm. I hope we hear official news about it soon~
And much love to that lucky girl if she really knows the songwriter. <3