June 9th, 2006



Hello hello! Once again I have returned with ilaila645 to bring more Riila Productions fansub crack! Thanx for all the nice comments on Part 3. It makes us happy to know you are enjoying our craziness. ^^
All right! Let's get to it! It's shorter this time, but still yummy!

KAT-TUN on Heyx3 - Part 4: Koki Said Knock You Out (2:50)
KAT-TUN fights over WHAT?!? Find out here!

The usual tiny teaser:

Who's yo' daddy?:

Let us know what you think! ^_^

For Parts 1-3, prease to going here.

Only ONE part left!! Dun dun dunnnnn!

[request] Maru and Ueda's seijin shiki stuff

I've been wondering...did Ueda and Maru have their coming of age celebrations with the rest of the (same aged) Juniors? or did they have it in private? I mean, I've never seen clips or paper cuttings or scans or even news of theirs. Kame, Koki and Junno had theirs together and Jin also had his (with Toma and Ryo and Yassu, wasn't it?). So that leaves only these two without any evidence. Do any of you have any materials?

That's all. Thanks. I...erm, have nothing to bribe with...maybe some of the older KAT-TUN vids?

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[FIC] The Mad Hatter

Title: The Mad Hatter
Authors: tierasa and moonlightarias
Rating: PG
Genre: CRACK!!! Uh... Drama-edy/Murder Mystery
Summary: It all started with a Santa Hat and led to murder.
A/N: At the bottom

It all started with a simple Christmas photoshoot. No one knew, no one would've ever guessed, that it would lead to this.

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Wu Zun From Fahrenheit

BNS KAT-TUN osaka con MC 20060328 (eng sub)

Hihi people..BNS has subbed the Osaka Con MC (the evening con). ^^ For those who do not know about this yet, puleez download yah? haha.. although this project is not perfect and there are probably some flaws..but this clip is really funny!

Blissmiracle / p-chan / luvnickie



p-chan / luvnickie

Raw file provider

Here's the intro to the clip typed by luvnickie, because I am too lazy to type my own intro..muhaha..

A little info about the clip:
Its from osaka con ( their first con after the one in tokyo dome)
Its really hilarious, especially when jin started to interrupt the MC with the
made-up songs he made
They imitated johnny-san ( omg this is really funny!)
and more interesting stuff that you will have to download in order to find out
yes, i love enticing people to download oh yeah!

If u are curious Do find out more details about the project and leave a comment for the team and also remember to read the rules oh.

Oh yah..do show jodynsome love by replying to her post about another BNS project - KAT-TUN fought and made up clip here okie ^^. 

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KAT-TUN Wink Up July 2006

Hi everyone! I haven't actually posted in this community before but have done some scans at boys_paper. Since I'm really unbothered to type out something new I'll just paste what I'm posting over there =P BUT there are a few more pics in this one... for KAT-TUN fans are extra special no? XD

YAY for more KAT-TUN scans! This time from the latest Wink Up (July 2006)... coz we really don't get enough KAT-TUN around here do we? XD Ahhh there's never enough anyways~

Hope everyone enjoys this... I made quite a sacrifice for them ='(

Oh and hopefully someone can answer my question? It's about KAT-TUN's album/single/dvd... but I'll ask after the photos... so you's will all be happy and smiley and willing to help XD

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