June 5th, 2006

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Subject: Yamashita Tomohisa
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I don't know if there is someone interessted in that, but I've found here fancam versions of The Summary 04, in really really great Quality! You can see everything perfect! *-* This person is sitting really close to stage, with closeups to the members, something different than the DVD version. But this is mofile, I haven't gotten every pieces, they died a lot of times. If there are people having problems with them, I will try to upload them later on. Hope I will get them, too ^^;;;

Here are the numbers:

Fille 1 1971934096946175
Fille 2 0230193902845937
Fille 3 2122086062942459
Fille 4 5515477647343615

They are expired on the 7/8, but should be prolong later.

Mofile: http://www.mofile.com/en/

Register, log in, go to download, paste in the numbers, then on download.

Don't give it up when it's on it's limit, just try later.

Have fun with the filles. Would be cool, if someone would upload any of those filles in MU/SS ect if there are people having problems with mofiles.
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