June 2nd, 2006

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Gokusen 2 Screenies.

Eheehee. I finished episode 9 of Gokusen 2. And holy bazjeezus. This episode is sooo good. The amount of Kame screentime overwhelms me so much. *sighs happily* Anyways, I put this episode in just one zip file because this episode is too good and I made too many screenies of Kame. LOL. So yeah. 

Remember to comment and credit if you're downloading and/or using. Thanks.

Episode 9: Even if one isn't here, it's not class 3D. Spoilers, of course.

Previous sets are tagged as gokusen2screenies.
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Juuuuust wondering, has there ever been a kat-tun moodtheme posted before? Or more preferably a Jin moodtheme? Or Akame? :O I've seen some while browsing through journals but there was no credit on the userinfo page so I hadn't a clue whether they made it themselves or if it was something that was shared.

And uh, if it was shared, can someone link me to it? I would like a pretty KT moodtheme ♥
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Music Station June 2nd

Hehe... Someone showed up at second Yamapi's Performance of Daite Senirota on Music Station

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*Edit under cut

Sorry about that.. Didn't think it was much of a spoiler. But I guess different people have different views of what spoilers and what isn't

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[Fansub][BNS][Okyakusama Con] MC, Fight & Best Friend Performance (English-subbed)

In celebration of KAT-TUN's very succesful debut, the BNSsub Team thought it'll be a nice tribute to them to bring you back in time... to see how far these guys have gone and how much they have accomplished since they were formed 5 years ago.

Remember this picture of them? ^_^

Free image hosting

We present to you the MC, Fight & Best Friend Performance segment from the "Okyakusama wa Kamisama - Concert 55 mannin Ai no Request ni Kotaete".

Translators : Ling (wribbit), Nlyn (monsoonbaby), Tiffy (imwahyou)
Timing/Encoding : jodyn
QC/Proof-reader : Char (murasaki_stars/p-chan)

If you are new to clubbox, please refer to this Clubbox Tutorial for clear and illustrated instructions on how to use it. We understand that some people have really tried clubbox and that it really doesn't work on some computers. Therefore, those who have downloaded the file from clubbox, please feel free to help upload it to other servers for people who have difficulties downloading from clubbox.

The BNSsub Team would also appreciate it very much if you would follow the rules regarding our releases. ^_^ For those who wish to upload this to youtube, please do include the original clubbox download link so that those who want to download the clear version are able to do so. Also, if you wish to share this file in other places, we would appreciate if you could kindly indicate that this file is not to be uploaded to other clubboxes unless permission is obtained from the admins/mods of the BNS Forum.

Comments/constructive criticisms are welcomed and they will be utilised towards improving on our future releases. ;) You may leave your comments/constructive criticisms here.

Finally, (at last, huh?) we hope you'll enjoy watching this. ^_^ KAT-TUN is love indeed. ♥
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Hoihoi, finally back with some translations, hope you guys aren't mad, since I haven't translated for a while... ^^;;;

Finally time for doing this requested Jin X Yamapi thingi!!! Gomene, mina!!! So here I found a couple cute translatinos about Pi and Jin, have fun with it! ^-^ Did I mentioned, I love this couple?!??!?! *________*

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