June 1st, 2006

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Minna, Hajimemashite! Rosie desu.

as MANY MANY MANY have before,
I discovered KAT-TUN through Arashi and Gokusen.

I haven't reach the peak of my KAT-TUN love just yet, because Arashi
continues to dominate my heart but I am slowly getting more and more into
KAT-TUN. When I first saw the Real Face PV, I said "Matte!!!, Did they
just swing their hips around like that?!?" and I went crazy!!

ahhhhhh. I am however furiously in need of help...

I would really appreciate it if someone would upload "LE CIEL."
Hopefully many other members would appreciate having it as well so it won't
seem like a lost cause or wasting space on an uploading site, O-NEGAISHIMASU.

I will be very grateful