May 31st, 2006

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This is my first post in the community, I hope I'm doing everything right. I joined recently, but never made an introduction. I got into KAT-TUN not too long ago, still fairly new to them. To sum it all up, my friend got me hooked on Kame and Yamapi's "Seishun Amigo" song which led to watching "Nobuta wo Produce". Of course..I had to check out "Gokusen 2", which led me to checking out KAT-TUN's music. (Jin's voice is just too good)

I recently signed up to make 100 icons of Kame at asiancon100. I just finished my first batch, and wanted to share them with you guys. I'm not a great iconist so I hope you still like them.


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link to the rest of the icons

Please comment and credit if using any of them, thanks. =) I hope to be more active and possibly meet some cool people here.

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