May 29th, 2006

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[request] Shounen Club

I was going to offer something to the community (like icons...or that stupid Akame fic that won't get out of my mind) before requesting...but I can't wait!~

I just got into KAT-TUN three weeks and two days ago...and am trying to get my hands on practically everything KAT-TUN...

So my little request is basically this...

Could anyone tell me all the Shounen Club episodes that KAT-TUN are in? Especially the episodes with KAT-TUN being in skits as well as special corners like "KAT-TUN wo Akabe!" stuff like that. Just telling me the dates of the episodes will be fine...hopefully Clubbox will be nice to me and let me download.

I already have three episodes - March 19th (Spring Special), April 9th (Kame produced) and April 16th (KAT-TUN produced).

Thank you for your help in advance!~

Hopefully I can give something to the comm soon. ^^
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Download and Request

I've uploaded KAT-TUN's performance of Never Again from Utawara 2006.05.21 to MU for anybody who couldn't download it from Clubbox~

Here it is!!

I also have a request. I couldn't download the fancam performances of KAT-TUN's spring concert and I'm absolutely dying to see Junno's song (and himself in chinese-style clothing *__*), so could somebody upload his performance for me? Thanks!
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Ok I'm sure everyone's probably seen this already. But I was slow and only saw this like, yesterday? Randomness aside, I would definitely force recommend all who have yet to see this to download it! Reasons being, in this video...

1. Kame is a pervy eccentric doctor.
2. Jin is a nurse. A very pretty and pink one indeed. Nuff' said. XD
3. Ueda kinda bares his chest, and also gets sexually harrassed by doctor!Kame
4. Koki is yellow. VERY yellow.
5. Junno and Maru are as adorkable as ever!
6. It's just plain KAT-TUN style silliness! ^_^

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[fic] You And I

Title: You And I
Author: kaiamira
Rating: NC-17!
Pairing: Tatsuya Ueda x Jin Akanishi
Disclaimer: I do not own either Tatsuya or Jin. AND THAT REALLY BLOWS. Like Gackt does. >-> hehe.
Comments: Lyrics are from "Butterfly", KAT-TUN, of course.
Summary: Jin's secret desire for Tatsuya gets out of hand, but in a good way.

This is from Jin's P.O.V.

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Criticism hurts like pointy things. Be nice.

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[Fanfic] BATTLE ROYALE: Johnnies Style (Prologue + Chapter 1)

BATTLE ROYALE: Johnnies Style (Prologue + Chapter 1)
Groups: KATTUN, NEWS, Arashi, Tackey and Tsubasa, Kanjani8, Ya-Ya-Yah, oh and Jimmy Mackey. D:
Pairings: None at the moment.
Rating: R
Warnings: Profanity, Violence, Death (well, come on now, it IS Battle Royale -_-)
Synopsis: Ahhh, all our beautiful "new current generation" Johnnies stranded in the deadly game of Battle Royale. This is my version and my take on the parody. yeah...i digging my own grave for starting a new fic, but i wanted to write this out since like forever. D: Yeah I actually worked hard on this...I even made a class chart and a map...I KNOW IM A LOSER. D:

( Prologue )

( Chapter 1 )

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hi minna!  maybe some of you may heard of this before....i read from a japanese magazine that says Akanishi Jin joined johnnys because he saw Ryo singing and he wanted to sing like Ryo? Is this true? Just curious ^^
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Shonen Clubs


I was putting in order my shonen clubs and I decided to  upload them....

See, I have too much free time in my hands.. -_-;

At the moment only two episodes of 2005 are uploaded and my intention is to upload the rest of 2005... and after that at least 2004 and 2006 episodes^.^.

They are uploaded with megaupload and you need HJ split to join the files.

I'm still filling  the info....  And to do that I watch once again every episode ( which is fun XDD but takes time xD)

Uploaded  Episodes : 09 - Jan - 05 and 03 - 04 - 05

Any request of which shonen I should upload next?

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Hello everyone, another newbie!. 
I'm julie (16 going on 17), and i just recently got into KAT-TUN, well after nobuta wo produce. I watched Kame and he was damn cute~ so i started watching other things assosiated with him and therefore KAT-TUN too. I also really like Jinnnnny YOSH!. Anyways, Here are some icons i'd like to share =D, not much, but something at least xD. However 6 out of 9 icons are Kame. 

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