May 27th, 2006

im just nice.

ahaha i decided to be nice so...
i uploaded Utawara - 2006.03.05 KAT-TUN Special Medley for you guy kame + jin = sex. haha and matsuhot. haha
and ueda bowing to the security guard?rofl. im really convinced that koki is from the ghetto...and junno is from....matsujun's dressing room? haha nakamaru is... oh well NAKAMARU!:D
and why the am i using megaupload when my govt bans it??

by the way..ahh..i dled summary backstage subbed and utawara(the one with the green juice) but i couldnt watch any of it at all..anyone knows whats the problem with it?
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Regarding Nobuta wo Produce...

I saw a screencap from this show and still have said screencap, where Shuji and Akira are in bed together. I'm almost done watching the episodes (I'm on the last eppie now) and have yet to see this scene. Can someone please tell me which episode that scene is in so I can go back and try and find it? Pretty please?
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