May 25th, 2006

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Discussion - Utawara May 21st

I'm feeling especially fangirly right now, so here is my attempt to start a discussion on the most debatable topic in the history of KAT-TUN. It is on who spoke the words "Are you ready?" at the Utawara May 21st "Never Again" performance. Was it Kamenashi? Or was it some git who recorded over Kame's wonderful thickly accented Engrish? 

I think it's the git (because seriously, Kame has such a good accent?), but holy bajeezus, okay, all six of them spoke with such good English at the beginning of "Never Again" that I nearly fell off my chair. I mean, did anyone hear Junno's part? HOLY SHIZZLES. Junno's voice was so OMGOODNESS-low that I rewinded my video like a billion x four billion times just to hear him say those precious Bringin' on, baby words. I swear. If it was actually a git who said all those wonderful non-Engrish accented words for all six of them, holy shizzles, I will seriously march over to Utawara's taping stage or whatever and sue them for misguiding the Official Association of KAT-TUN Fangirls (OAKF). 

Yes, I'm blabbing, but the point of this post is to let everyone know of Junno's wonderful Bringin' on, Wendy baby words he spoke in his ultra low voice in the performance. And oh yeah, did anyone notice how Jin's part was all that great? I mean, I was so surprised. I expected him to have a clearer accent. But I don't know.

Oh and another reason for this post is because sometimes we just need a total fangirly post on this community once in awhile. The end.

P.S. YouTube and yes, it was actually "Bringin' on". XD
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Toronto JE Fan Gathering

As you might have heard a month ago, there is a Toronto JE Fan gathering being organized during Anime North convention which is this coming weekend~~!

Details in this post.

We just want to remind those who want to come that this gathering will be held:
3:00PM Saturday May 27, 2006 and we will meet in the Artist Alley

We will also be cosplaying KAT-TUN at this event based on this picture.
So far we have the following people involved in the cosplay:

Kamenashi Kazuya x 1 (16nightsmoon)
Akanishi Jin x 1 (nana_oosaki)
Taguchi Junnosuke x 1 (taensuu)
Tanaka Koki x 1 (mandy__chan)
Ueda Tatsuya x 1 (sadaoru)
Nakamaru Yuichi x 0 (NEEDED URGENTLY~~ ToT)

we really REALLY REALLY need someone to cosplay as Maru! TT___TT
so if anybody is able to cosplay as Maru on Saturday with us, please leave a comment or email me and contact us as soon as possible!!
thank you very very much!!!

So once again, if you are interested in the gathering, please join us~
We welcome everybody to come and participate~!!!

Thanks, and hope to see you there! ^-^
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Yo!!! minna~~ this was my 1st post here!!!! 
sugeiiii~~~ so many KATTUN fans!!! yokata na~~~ 
so that I can know more news bout Kattun!! yatta!!!! 
and here I made some icons for sharing!!!! hope you all like it!!! 

Total 15
9 > Jin
6 > Yamapi

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*** credit if take it!!!! arigato ne!!! 
*** loves comment.... cos wanna know what's your feeling bout this icons!!! ehe~~ ^^

minna~~~ yoroshiku onegaishimas!!!!