May 23rd, 2006


KAT-TUN Shounen Club Performances

Minna!! SOS! i desperately need ur help! i did the most baka thing ever tonight. i accidentally deleted my almost 5GB of KAT-TUN Shounen Club performances since 2001 up to the last one. if you guys, can link/direct me or share what u have or something. i really really appreciate it. 

here are some of the files that i remember i deleted...
1. Freeze
2. Gold
3. there's this 2 medley clips that are really high quality and i think it's last 2002, almost 150+mb each file

anything really would mean so much. 


i'm supposed to deleted my Shuji to Akira folder since i'm done burning but my clumsiness had me delete my SC instead. i only managed to save a few. :(

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A wee request?

*shuffles feet and looks about* Does anyone know of any sites or communities that archive Kat-Tun slash fic? Particularly stuff with Kame? I'm not entirely sure where to look so any help finding the good stuff would be fabulous.

I have no bribes on me at the moment but will post some yummy Kame icons as soon as I get on my laptop.
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[fanart] my present for pinkosa

etto, fisrt of all, my skills in Pshop are less than zero, are like a -89246354654635, all my fanarts are made just with love, a sketch block,a 2B pencil and an eraser(a kitty one :D) so ...

here is my present (late present) for pinkosa(pink_ogawa), i love you ! but i hate this draw! (aún asi mejor tarde que nunca)

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[Fanfic] Love at First Sight (Chapter 7)

Title: Love at First Sight (Chapter 7)
Pairings: Kusame, Kusapi, Akame, etc.
Rating: PG-13/R
Warnings: Profanity
Synopsis: This is a fic lightly influenced by Shakesphere's Romeo and Juliet. Although the story itself takes place in modern times, you can see some parallelism from the actual play to my own fic. But yeah anyways, it's this whole theme of KATTUN versus NEWS rivalry thingie going on, blah blah blah. Why don't you give it a shot? :)

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( Chapter 7 )

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