May 22nd, 2006



HII!! i'm not sure whether this i allowed but.. is there anyone outthere who can help me rip the song from SHOUNEN CLUB 20050220 called ikiteru akashi?? the one where ueda-hime played the guitar and jin sang in his mike... XDDD i really love that song!! PLEASSEEE~!! you can download that episode from !! :DDDD onegaishimasu!! and thank you in advance!!
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[English Subs] Real Face Film Part Three

hihi ... no we didn't forget about this... hope you didn't forget about us either ^^;;;

our team is really small T.T really really small... but we are trying our best!

of course, if anyone is interested in helping out, it would be /very/ appreciated! ... or you can let us toddle along at our own pace ;P

right now one of our kat-tun translators is having internet problems... which should be fixed in ... 2 weeks? ....

on the bright side, our kanjani8 translator is still 100%!!! ... wait u don't care about that, do you?? :P

bottom line: FUJI IS BEGGING FOR TRANSLATORS ONEGAISHIMASU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! m(_ _)m

(if you want to help out, please join the forum and let me know which account you are, i will then add you to our fansubbing team =) )

okay now the file:

Sendspace: 198(mb)

+credit to Hesitate Fansubs

feel free to share everywhere, but if you upload it to youtube, you MUST include a forum link because youtube screws up the high quality i spent 29340328940 hours maintaining and it just really pains me T.T

[Translation] June DUET - Koki x Maru

I translated the Koki x Maru interview from the June DUET and wanted to share it with you guys ^^
The interview is really cute, those two really behave like a couple xDDD

But I need to warn you... I'm still learning japanese, that's why I'm not sure if everything is right, ne ^^; Just tell me when you find some mistakes ^_^

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I would post the picture of the interview, but I don't have a scanner and I haven't seen it in the net... -_- But the pictures are really cute *-*
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[REAL FACE] MILLION!!!! + Kame's Summer drama

just got back from physics day in six flag, and found 2 wonderful wonderful news!

KAT-TUN「Real Face」が100万枚を突破!5年ぶりの快挙!
finally!!! [Real Face] sould million copies!! YEAH!!!!


kame's new drama starting july, named [SAPURI] (love story with older woman)

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hi everybody! my first post here..! anyway, i was looking for fan reports from KAT-TUN's past concerts that says the yarakashis were insulting kame until he cried? does somebodty know about that fan report? preassee show me! thx! ^_^