May 21st, 2006

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[Fanfic: KAT-TUN Hosokyoku] Ch. 1

Title: KAT-TUN Hosokyoku
Written By: smaps aka Me.
Summary: KAT-TUN gets their own Weekly Morning Radio Show. Chaos, hilarity, and ghetto slang ensues.
Pairing: None, though Jin is a dumb flirt so there are some hints of Akame and other popular pairings throughout the series.
Characters: KAT-TUN, Ryo Nishikido, guest stars.
Genre: Comedy. Stupidity. What Would Happen When A Japanese BoyBand Was Given A Radio Show.
Chapter(s): 1*
Type: Series
What You'll Need: A japanese/english dictionary, because there are a lot of random japanese words thrown in. If there is a mistake, please let me know!
Apologies to: Junno and Ueda fans. XD Also Nakamaru and Koki fans because they didn't get a lot of air time. This will be fixed in the future. ‘:D
Note(s): Credits to izukura for the “Precious One” lyrics. I don’t really like this opening chapter, I think it’s too jumpy and some scenes should be longer, but whutevs. X) Every chapter I will be creating a new banner, so if anybody has pictures of Nakamaru, Koki, Junno and Ueda, I would REALLY appreciate them because I have a small collection of them for future uses. ‘:D Please comment and tell me what you think, guys! Suggestions are always welcome for future chapters. AND NOW. ONTO THE ASDF;ing.

(Hullo? Hullo? Is this thing on?..)
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Hi hi!! Rii here again, back with my fabulous partner in crime ilaila645, and we are thrilled to bring you another Riila Productions fansub! Thanx for all the wonderful comments on our other vids. They give us lots of motivation. ^_^
We know it's been a while since Part 2 but we truly believe it is worth the wait. We think this is our best yet AND it's longer than the first two. Soooo without further ado...

KAT-TUN on Heyx3 - Part 3: Cigars, Tokes, and Wankstas (7mins 45secs) Rated R
What was it like getting into Johnny's? Peep this vid yo! You won't believe what went down. XD

A small teaser:

Pick your poison:

In case you missed the first two, here they are for your viewing pleasure. ^^
Part 1: Threesome, Lice, and Puppies MU | YSI | CB

Part 2: Yamapi's Cellphone Fetish MU | YSI | CB

Prease to enjoy! We'd love to know what you think! And if there are any link problems, please give us a shout.

Added some clubbox links. Thanks so much to murasaki_stars for including our vids in the johnnyjr clubbox!