May 20th, 2006

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So KAT-TUN started out backdancing for KinkiKids and the like. They were Jrs. just like the rest of them. ;D So whenever I see old preformances and see them backdancing, I get a little bit flaily. I'VE UPLOADED SOME BACKDANCING KAT-TUN~ they pretty much feature Tackey & Tsubasa, but it's a fun game trying to spot Jrs. in the background~

No one loves Koki: In which Takki leaves Jin for Kame. Jin tries to win him back and fails. Koki tries to take Takki's place, but Jin won't tap that. Yet. 8D
Balance: I think the above clip takes place before this. Anyway, this is one of Takki's songs and he always does it with KAT-TUN. I think. Jin gets to sing a few notes and Koki and Maru rap. BUT THEY ALL SWIVEL THEIR HIPS.

There is more here, but the post is pretty much huge and um. Not dedicated to KAT-TUN. D: But if you ctrl+f KAT-TUN then you'll find them. There an ero ero dance there, in which Takki chooses Kame over Jin again, pictures of KAT-TUN in a foreign country. shirtless. kinda wet. . . . kinda young. So if you want, head on over for baby KAT-TUN before they got too cool for backdancing. 8D Oh. And use this picture as incentive. DUMB JIN AHOY.
【iran】 -bring back the peace

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I haven't heard anything about this before over LJ, so I thought I'd bring it up here.

Kat-tun has a new Sky Perfect CM playing on TV right now.  It's similar to the baseball one, but with soccer for the upcoming World Cup.  I saw it for the first time last night on TV, and it's pretty cute.  If anyone has the CM, would they mind upping it?


[Question] about utawara

koncha minna~
anou.. just wondering, can anyone please tell me where can i download utawara?
I'm a regular at Jpopsuki but it seems like utawara is not uploaded anymore on the tracker. I can't use clubbox and most of the time my computer have problems with direct downloads, so i prefer bittorrent files. If possible, dare ka tasukete kudasai~? onegaishimasu! i really miss watching the show and KAT-TUN boys.. heard they have new segment for them?? *sigh* :(

(but really, any links are fine if there's no torrent downloads anywhere.. i will at least try them out..)

Thank you for anyone who can help! m__m
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