May 15th, 2006


ok wasn`t there news that jin would be in a drama called knight rider that would be aired in the winter of last year?? what happened to it? it just disappeared o_O
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me, 2013

don't know if anyones posted this yet.
This link goes to the news below.

Weekend Roundup - Tears and Apologies From KAT-TUN
Johnny's boy band KAT-TUN played to another packed house at Tokyo Dome yesterday. It was the third night at the 55,000-seat venue and finished off their successful debut tour. Their first single, "Real Face" is on the verge of becoming a million sller. But while the show marked the end of a very big first step for the band, the media had another question for them. They wanted more details of the rumored romance between Kamenashi Kazuya (20) and veteran pop idol/actress and divorcee Koizumi Kyoko (40). Koizumi has been silent about the affair, so no comment was really expected. Kamenashi simply said "I'm sorry" and bowed to the cameras. He was much more animated on stage, as the six members belted out a 28-song set with two encores, all ending up in tears. -end

So what does that mean? Why can't people leave Kame alone! :::hugs Kame mentally::: I wish I could've been there to see them play live T-T
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KAT-TUN Spring Tour '06 "Real Face" – 2006.04.09 (17:00) at 福岡マアリンメセ (Fukuoka Marine Messe) - PART 1

Part 1 of my concert report is finally done! XD; 
Sorry it took more than a month to finish (well it's not even finished since I'm still editing part 2 and haven't even finished typing up part 3!). I tried to make it as detailed as possible hence I included some diagrams, PHOTOS THAT I TOOK (though they're horrible cause it was really difficult to take any photos) as well as screencaps from fan cams to illustrate what I'm trying to say rofl.

So yes, follow the link (^_________^ ) <3


And wait patiently for part 2 + 3.... (sorry I have exams at the moment ;o;) I'm really sorry for the delay (T^T)"