May 12th, 2006

[Fanfic] Love at First Sight (Chapter 4)

Title: Love at First Sight (Chapter 4)
Pairings: Kusame, Kusapi, Akame, etc.
Rating: PG-13/R
Warnings: Profanity
Synopsis: This is a fic lightly influenced by Shakesphere's Romeo and Juliet. Although the story itself takes place in modern times, you can see some parallelism from the actual play to my own fic. But yeah anyways, it's this whole theme of KATTUN versus NEWS rivalry thingie going on, blah blah blah. Why don't you give it a shot? :)

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( Chapter 4 )

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kame || ♥

[hq scans] TV Guide 05.13.06

hi everyone! :P i wasn't planning on making scans until this weekend but by a stroke of luck i found THIS at the book store today [i went to go check on the status of my copy "daite senorita" limited edition (still no guarantee T^T)] but i found KAT-TUN! so it wasn't a total loss!

Free image hosting
ahhhh!! kame eand his little lip sticker/tattoo ♥♥ *dies*

and that's not even the best part! look what i see on the first page! ♥

(follow the fake LJ cut kyaaah!)

gooooo ♥♥♥! i promise you won't regret it :) scans are free to use. crediting is optional.

comments please♥

winged_kame and yuckie_chan posted some lovely kat-tun scans here and here so if you want you can check it out and give them your love. there's also lots and lots of other scans so prease to check out boys_paper
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[FanCam] 2003 Pataya Music Festival Featuring KAT-TUN and other Johnnies

FanCam of Pataya Music Festival 2003, in Thailand~featuring:
→ Takki (where is Tsubasa???)
→ K.K.Kitty
→ Jimmy Mackey
→ Ya-Ya-Yah
→ A.B.C.

Size: approx. 400mb

Must continue...raping my school's bandwidth....while I still can ¯□¯
yuuwaku Kame


all KAT-TUN FANS round up!!!
right now there is a official voting going on
[KASHU-NAVI RANKING] its a ranking that decide who will be going to the [INTERNET MUSIC FESTIVAL] in December, which means it's like the favorite artist of the year.
the winner will win prize(i think) and will hold performance in December on the festival.

Last month KAT-TUN was number 2 for Artist rank and REAL FACE was number 2 for music rank
but NOW they are both NUMBER 6!!!!!!!!!!
we have to work together and help them get back to the top!!!


once in the site, click on アーティスト投票 (next to Pick UP) to vote

once in the site, click on Ranking to vote

i believe that japanese and taiwan votes are count separately, so i voted at both of them
and the site support multiple votes, but have to wait for a while to vote again.
and tell your friends too~
i saved the site in my favorite, so i could vote everyday....

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Questions about the song used in Utawara

Hi there! I have a question about the song used in Utawara long time ago. Hope someone can help me out.

Have anyone watched KAT-TUN's samurai battle performance between Kame and Jin? I can't remember the exact date of this perf, but they also sang "New World" by L'Arc-en-Ciel. I am kind of looking for the song they used during the battle when Jin showed up. Anyone know the name or have this song? Please help...^^... Thank you in advance.