May 11th, 2006

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[BNS] SUMMARY of Johnnys World 2004 - Backstage (English-subbed)

Hi all! ^_^

Remember back in 2004 when KAT-TUN and NewS and other Jrs were featured in a concert/musical? Remember the madness and dorkiness that took place backstage??

Now you can rewatch the whole thing again, only this this, with English-subs! The BNSsub Team Production present to you -

SUMMARY of Johnnys World 2004 - Backstage

Edit: darkeyedwolf is TEH AWESOME because she has very kindly reuploaded this onto sendspace for those who are unable to download from Clubbox. ^_^ Here are the links:-

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Any comments/constructive criticisms will be much appreciated. We hope you'll enjoy watching this as much as we've enjoyed making it. ^_^

Please feel free to reupload to any other servers. However, we would appreciate if you would credit the BNSsub Team. Please do not re-upload to another clubbox unless permission is asked and granted. Kindly contact any of the administrators/moderators of the BNS Forum if you wish to do so.
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