May 8th, 2006


Travel Channel

Hey, I've been in kattunlove for a while now and this is my first post.

I wanted to see the Travel Channel special that was about Japan. I heard that they were going to mention Johnny's Entertainment or at least something pertaining to KAT-TUN. I was unable to watch it and was wondering if I missed anything or shouldn't worry about it.

Thank You.
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Okay, I think this goes to show that I really have too much time on my hands! ROFL!!! OMG, prease to enjoy!!! Sorry for the massive icon making postage lately. I think I'm having an icon rush OR I could just be really REALLY bored like whoa! Hahaha!!! (Prease don't take my iAKAME icon! ^^;;) & sorry for the lame colors...*stabs self*

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Don't know if this has been posted already.

Kattun seemed to make a brief 30 seconds or so appearence on international television on the travel channel.
(I literally screamed with bliss <3) it just finished airing now as I type this.
Of course being a cynical man Anthony Bourdain is, he remarked on something on the line that their hair was some freak show.
Er.. To each his own, I guess?

EDIT:  Though he did comment harshly on them, KATTUN are still prettier than him. xD

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