May 5th, 2006

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OMG. Thank goodness the layout is working. I thought it wouldn't work again (my third time trying to put this layout up). Anyways.

Hope you guys like it. I actually planned a short biography bit on the sidebar, but then I figured it would be much more significant if all of you incorporated a bit of your own into the biography. So basically, I'm asking if you guys can write a short bio bit on our lovely boys. Or just a few of the members. You don't have to bio all six of the members. I thought it would be cool if I added a few quotes about the boys onto the sidebar. Anyways, I hope you understand what I mean.

Ummmm, what else. OH YES. Credits. Aiye~. I believe the pictures are all part of magazine scans posted from *thinks* ojou, located here. However, a few of them are from other magazine issues. ^^

Anyways~, hope you guys like. I may be fiddling with the scrollbar colours sometime later because I can't really tell apart the scrollbar face colour with the scrollbar track colour on my monitor. *nods*

OH YEAH. Very important: If there are any browser viewing problems, please comment and I will try to answer you. ^^
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Johnnys Girls of USA GATHER & Watch...the TRAVEL CHANNEL?!!

YES~!!!! ::screams @ top of lungs::

Okay, so last night after watching a movie with my mom, I went onto the computer. My dad came in and told me to turn on the travel channel because they were doing a special on Japan. So I'm watching it and I get sucked in and watch a trailer for a special next week on Japan, when....


A shot of Kame, Yamapi, Jun, Jin, and all the Johnnys Boys pop onto the TV screen!!!

Collapse )


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ギャル ~ Blue

Please help *-*

I've fallen in love with Jin's solo, "Ha-ha". Then again, who wouldn't?

Can someone please upload the Mp3 and any lives/performances of this?


In return, I humbly offer the fiction I've been working on diligently at kattun_fanfics, Fanboy. You can find chapters I-IV up there if you haven't read some already! ^-^

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[fanvideo] kindaichi

Instead of icons this time, I bring you a fanvideo! ^^ I made Kindaichi, using KAT-TUN's Rhodesia for the song. My second attempt at making one. >_< Hope you like, and comments are greatly appreciated! =)

Ahh~ now I really want to watch Kame's rumored Kindaichi that's coming this summer.

[fanvid] kindaichi (wmv, 14.1 MB)

Edit: Thanks to paranoidxdork for the sendspace link here if anyone wants to download from there. ^^
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