May 3rd, 2006


KAT-TUN as main on 24hr TEREBI this summer

Sorry for my odd English (>.<)
Yesterday Johnny's Jimusho officially announced that for this summer's 24hr terebi (the title 「24時間テレビ29 愛は地球を救う」) in August KAT-TUN will be the main personality  *celebrates* Maybe others of you have watched this charity show with SMAP members (e.g. Tsuyoshi-kun and Shingo-chan) or ARASHI as well. 

The theme will be 「絆」 (kizuna)   [- I had to laugh a little reading this (^_^;;  ]  

The KAT-TUN members are said to also give ideas for the show, one being a member-designed T-Shirt  (I bought Shingo-chan's and a friend of mine bought David Beckham's when the 28th last summer was on XD ) 
There's a special dorama in plan for that time with the members as well. Also something inspired by Akira and Shuuji's "Seishun Amigo" will be included, so there's plenty to see. Kazuya-kun expressed how as a person this was a chance to have your heart and mind grow rich, and that they will participate with all their love.

Bye bye, and if you see me infront or inside of Yokohama Arena later (I have a huge silver-purple striped handbag, I think I will be the only one since self-made), don't hesitate to talk to me. I would love to meet some overseas fans going to the LIVE as well. So if you see this, let's have fun!!

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[hq scans] wink up may 2004

hi everyone! :) i know, i just posted yesterday! here are some scans ourfadedmemory made for boys_paper! she got sleeply so she's making me do all the cross posting work!! *dodges rotten tomatoes*

anyway! i hope you like the scans! she has been working on them all day, hogging the scanner XD. so it would be great if you would show her some love and leave some comments :P

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link to kat-tun scans at boys_paper

she also scanned some cute arashi and news pictures in boys_paper so check it out! :)
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[FANCAM] Looking concert 2005

This was uploaded here a long time ago lol, but I remember the one I downloaded here was split into 3 parts and some parts didnt work for me @@"; I found a full version and I just uploaded onto BNS clubbox today, so download if you're interested! :3

*hint*IT'S WORTH DOWNLOADING*hint* XDD; <33 Lots of fangirly love ne!
The solos are really good :3 <3

[FANCAM] KAT-TUN Spring Con LooKing 2005.03.25.rm