May 2nd, 2006


[request] SC 041606

Hi there!! I would like to request for the whole episode of SC04162006. I have been looking for this episode but I can't seem to DL it from somewhere.

Umm... in YSI link please coz I can't DL in Clubbox or in other servers...

Thanks in advance! XD
me, 2013

Summary of Johnny's World

Does anyone know the name of the song at the end of Summary of Johnny's world? Is it a traditional song?
::: Dancing ::: For some reason I find myself dancing around to it ^_^ I also have to watch it about 5 times in a row (I know obsessed much?). I really like it because you get to see YamaPi and some of the other guys (including Kame) sitting down and moving their arms along with the music. It starts at [00:43:36] on disc 2 - well if you own the VCD version. I would really appreciate any info on the song ^_^.
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