May 1st, 2006

Wu Zun From Fahrenheit

Music Station 28/4/2006 KAT-TUN Talk part (english subbed) + Utawara Dog clip edited ver etc

Another BNS production...

translator/timer: NEWShfan
hardsubber: justified

I cant comment on this video, cos I only saw the semi-finished version.. But anyway, this clip is really funny..cos it talks about how Nakamaru always tries to hide his XXXX whenever he goes to the onsen (hot spring) with other KAT-TUN members.. So all the other members (including AKAME..woo hoo!) have seen each others'  XXXX except for Nakamaru's...LOL

Download link: (This video should be of good quality, according to the hardsubber that did it..i still haven get to see it yet, cos I am downloading other files that can be downloaded faster...haha...)

This is the edited version for the utawara dog vs KAT-TUN + analysis clip !! Received some feedbacks that the video is too small, the audio wasnt in sync for the last part..and now all the problems are fixed by the hardsubber.

Anyway, here's the download link:

(the link is still being uploaded.. SORRY for all the inconveniences!

And Please continue to download from the clubbox ya? m(_ _)m just for this week...=)

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[hq scans] Wink Up July 2003

hi everyone! i haven't uploaded scans in a while *gomen* school has been kicking me in the butt. and you'll find out the other reason soon enough XP i know i posted the kame version of this photoshoot but here's the rest!
Free image hostingFree image hostingFree image hosting

koki has hair!! he looks so hot!! and jin *dies*

(fake cut to boys_paper for the rest!!)

so the other reason why i haven't been scanning pictures is because i'm trying to get a community going! :) it's a pretty boy scans community [big surprise eh?]. i just barely got the layout up and running yesterday!! everyone is welcome to join and share their scans!! we currently have scans of mocomichi, arashi, news, kanjani8, T&T, kat-tun, miyavi, dbsk, w-inds,and much more. i hope this is allowed, sorry about pimping my community. *runs away*

scans for all your pretty boy needs..

comments would be greatly appreciated ♥

edit// new ysi, sendspace, and mu links are up!
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