April 30th, 2006

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Dumb Jin Clip!

Again. Yes. As to support my claim of "someone always uploads Dumb Jin clip every damn week for the masses", I present you:

Dumb Jin Clip.

Featuring Car Shrimp, Why Jennifer?!, and other general dumbness. I DO NOT CLAIM CREDIT TO THIS CLIP. This is really just a re-up >_> again, for the masses. This is uploaded for milkshake, originally XD but rather than letting a link go to waste...

'sides, I can say that kattun_archive is updated, now ♥

EDIT: For those of you who just want to see the WHY JENNIFER part, full_jump had graciously cut and uploaded it to YouTube for you ♥

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Wu Zun From Fahrenheit

BNS project - Utawara Big Dog + Analysis (eng subbed) Edited version!!+ etc

Hihi..this is a completed project done by the BNSsub Team

Translator/timer: monsoonbaby
QC: p-chan 
timer: lincalc
Hardsubber/timer : jcrina 

This is the edited version!! Received some feedbacks that the video is too small, the audio wasnt in sync for the last part..and now all the problems are fixed by the hardsubber

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Finally, starting from today is the inspection week.. So PLEASE PLEASE help by downloading okie.. m(_ _)m 

The amount downloaded within this week would determine whether the clubbox can get gold or not. And if we do get gold, the download links would never expire.

So please help us....onegaishimasu =)
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Wallpaper, pictures, request~

It’s Sunday, and you thought you’d be spared with new wallpaper from me, but noooo, I’m not letting you get away without any ^_^
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Hm…yeah, and then my last lj post seems to have outgrown my ideas and it ended up being some kinda of mini pseudo picspam ^^; You most likely have seen all the pics already, since many of them are from this community, but well, if you are interested anyway...oh, yeah, and please ignore me and my comments, cause a) I’m a pervert, and b) I’m not funny...and there are some pics of Yamapi, too, only four though...

(Follow the fake cut)

And the last thing for today…a tiny little request. Clubbox hates me at the moment and won’t let me search for files, so if anyone got a link to Shounen Club of 14.09.2003 I’d sooo worship you!!! You’ll get everything from me, wallpaper, layout, whatever you want!!! <- totally desperate
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Akame.  Simple As That.


I made a few Jin/Kame/Akame icons for the purpose of trying to find myself a SIGNATURE ICON so here's what I didn't choose. I only wanted one signature icon. Hahaha! Enjoy!

# Comment. (it'll warm my heart)
# Credit. (plz?)
# Do not claim as your own.
# Do not [RE]MODIFY.
# NO Hotlinking.

X 3 Jin
X 1 Kame
X 3 Akame

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