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hey! i just wonder if anybody can share the second part of KAT-TUN's 2005 Looking Concert. i was able to download Part1 at JPB Forum but the 2nd part links won't seem to work anymore. please... onegai... and also Dreamboy 2006 as well as the other one.


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Hopefully it's okay that I post this here. I didn't see anything in the rules saying it wasn't allowed, but if it's not feel free to take it down. ^^

Anyways, I have seen some have been posting their karaoke here, and I know myself, as well as others love to karaoke too! But there wasn't a community for karaoke specifically, and so I decided to make one!

So for anyone that loves to karaoke to KAT-TUN, or any of the JE boys or jpop in general, share your songs over at karaokeclub!
Sengoku Basara // date rilakkuma

Kame with an older woman?

Some recent news from a gossip magazine called "Friday"

Friday magazine scooped Kamenashi Kazuya, a member of KAT-TUN, was witnessed when he appeared from a house of Koizumi Kyoko, an actress who used to be an idol singer nicknamed Kyon-Kyon in 80's. According to this magazine, they are almost living together in Koizumi's house ... Kamenashi is 20 years old, and Kyoko is 40 years old...

Johny's agency has already publishted comments about this scandal.
"We are sorry for giving all fans trouble by this scandal.
(Kamenashi) has respected Koizumi-san for a long time for her sense of fashion and kakkoiiness, and sometimes asks her advice regarding dressing. But it not the relationship everybody suppose."

On the other hand, Koizumi-side has been keeping silence.

Source: Santoslove.exblog.jp (credits to mrwaffle for the link ♥)

Ahaha.. these gossip magazines never seem to stop targeting these boys don't they? Poor Kame has been through enough already T_T

EDIT - a pic that's been floating around the net.. more pics here thanks to pinkujisatsu
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It doesn't look like it means much.. just a pic of him coming out of her house... Anyway, whether its true or not.. they just have to come to such conclusions.. Gossip magazines, you FAIL :P

EDIT - Another article at Nikkan Sports (credit to inoru for the link)
Gossip like this always makes headlines ^^'


Several days ago I receieved a package from my friend, who lives in Taiwan and is a fan of V6. Surprisingly she put some KT post and leaves of Myojo in it. When I first saw them, I screamed with joy^^ Anyway, I scaned some and bring them here. 

I guess its a special collection of photos which were voted to be the best  of something by readers~ You'll see how popular Jin&Kame were in 2005~ 

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 Have to run now~

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I deleted my entry due to the bad subject matter and some tempers flaring (just a little ^_^"). I am sorry I did not see the previous entry about the same subject. Once again - I am sorry.
Thankyou to those that had commented.