April 25th, 2006

David Bowie

Pinky clips

Probably all of you got them by now, but I uploaded them for a friend, and I didn't want the links go to waste (^^)

I believe the first one is the close up version and the other the one with that center view. They aren't very good quality or big or anything, but it's Jin, so be happy (^_^)

Pinky 1
Pinky 2


Ok, as some people are not able to play that file I just give you a link where you can download some stuff -->go here. Actually that's a site for anime fansubs, but it works for other stuff, too. I know it looks like a lot of work, but if you downloaded and installed all that stuff you'll be most likely abel to view everything, and I mean everything, so it's worth it.
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Official and Paparazzis for sale

Erm if this is not permissible, just delete this k?

Prices at cost (per pic)
Officials from Johnny's shop - 150 Yen
Paparazzis - 150-200 Yen
Handling charges - 800 Yen (regardless of how many pics bought)

How to get them?
Send an email to yasui@[removethis]six-groove.net detailing :
a) Which artist?
b) How many pics?
c) Preferred shots 
    - eg : recent half naked shots, concert shots, backstage for photoshoots shots, old pictures?
    - you may send a pic of the time period of the pics you want but the seller would choose the pics. It is a lil ridiculous for her to print out all da pics and select it one by one from the shops ^^;
    - if you really really want a specific pic, send a snap shot and seller would try to obtain them

- Postage is borne by buyer (seller would quote the price once goods is bought+packaged. usually range from 800-1500Yen. Only registered mail)
- Payment by 1st July 2006 via paypal/bank transfer (all the more reason that the money should be transferred in time.. its like 2 mths frm now)

* Btw, the prices quoted are the shop prices. Seller is only earning the 800Yen handling fee. I think its pretty reasonable instead of charging an additional 50Yen per pic ^^;
* Usually at the JE shops, they also sell various JE goods like towels, uchiwas, clearfile holders and Meikans. If buyer want any of those items, it can be arranged but an additional 500Yen handling would be charged on that as those items arent exactly easy to bring back in a luggage ^^;
* Doesnt have to be KAT-TUN only

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Hiya! Started watching this community a week ago and I just decided to join. Um... I'm from NY and about to go start college. >_< I first saw Kame in Nobuta wo Produce and <3ed him ever since. Akame is adorable and Kat-Tun is awesome. Um... I guess that's it. Happy to be a part of this community! ^_^;