April 24th, 2006

kakkoii Maru

Music Station April 28th

Ok... Finally running around Japan... KAT-TUN's going back to Tokyo...

And well they will be featured on Music Station this April 28th and will be singing of course REAL FACE ^^

I found my info on the Music Station webpage
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[mp3] karaoke - NEVER AGAIN

Yeah it's me again-v-

This time it's a bit harder since there's also rapping and..other things included^^;;
I could only karaoke so much up to the singing part..=v=

Left the first part uncutted because I didn't want to cut Jin's lovely ♡> <
[and plus people would be beating me up if I did-v-]
..and the part in the middle...forgive me for not able to do Maru's beat boxing-v-

About the rapping part...let's just say I tried= =
..and for those of you who loved Jin's high pitched note in Never Again and Gold ballad ver., don't beat me up for also ruining that-v-

...there goes my random babble of whatever-v-

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and for anyone else that wants to try the song, here's the instrumental voice cutted version-v-
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