April 23rd, 2006

Akame.  Simple As That.

[Request] KAT-TUN/Akame Wallpaper

To make things short, I bought a new monitor and the resolution is 1440x900 (px) and I totally do not have any KAT-TUN/Akame wallpapers that size...I'd make it myself but my wallpapers come out like crap so prease to anyone very skilled at making wallpapers, PREASE PREASE PREASE TO MAKE ME ONE! Onegai! *bows* I'd like the wallpaper to be a blue-ish themed. Anyone interested? ^^;;


Please go ahead with that new layout rikayla! ^^;; That is IF you're still up for it! Thanks!
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『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加

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So...I guess this is my introduction. My name is Jennifer and I'm a 19 year-old college freshman currently attending the University of Georgia. I was introduced to KAT-TUN by randomly downloading the JDrama Gokusen 2 and falling completely in love with Kame and Jin. I only have two KAT-TUN songs though...My Angel, You Are Angel and She Said...

So if anyone wants to help me out and put up some of their favorite KAT-TUN songs, that would be fabulous. And as soon as I get home from school for the summer, my parents are buying their debut album for me, so yay.

Glad to meet ya'll! Sorry...I don't have any graphics with me now but I'm obsessed with making them so expect them in my next post. 


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