April 22nd, 2006

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OK!! I have been watching this Community for a while... For some reason I never joined... Sorry. Anyhow since I am on dial up I do not have much I can contribute uploading wise. I wish I could... Anyhow, this is my first post. I watched this video clip of Kamenashi Kazuya, Jin, and Koki. It was so hilarious because the only one who could actually skate very well was Meh baby KAMENASHI!!! mwahahaha
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Wu Zun From Fahrenheit

Making english hardsubs for SC 16/4/2006 - Theme and Producer KAT-TUN

Hi people! Baka no Sekai is recruiting people to join our english subbing team. We know that chinese subbed stuff are quite readily available..but we seldom come across any english hardsubbed stuff concerning KAT-TUN. So we decided to start our own subbing team!! =)

To see the announcement regarding the recruitment drive: http://bakanosekai.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=481 
To join us..just leave a message there..hehe...

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Thank u for reading this post!


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yay! at-tun really cares for kame :)

credits go to http://sgkattunfc.1.forumer.com/ ( i`m sorry!! i didn`t know how to make it into a link -_-;; )

AKANISHI's post on 16/4:-
We had finish performances in Ishikawa. Just reach home. I am sure that some of you are worried for me. I am getting better, don't worry. **Refer to his sore throat. Next Saturday in Miyagi, should be well by then.
Thanks for many concerns. Rest of members are doing well. Specially Kame chan. (smile)

KOKI's post on 12/4:-
I am at Kame chan house now. Using his computer, he is resting now.
Don't worry, we will take good care of him. I hope that it will just be forgotten and move on. The hurt that Kame chan got is not light.
If I know who actually did all these. . .I can bet with you, not only me, all members will beat the hell out of you! I love Kame chan, all of us love Kame chan! By hurting Kame chan, you hurt all of KAT-TUN! These people are not suppose to be forgiven.

UEDA's post on 10/4:-
I can't sleep. I can still hear Kame chan's crying sound.
Why would anyone do such a thing? To hurt our Kame chan?! Why? Tell me! Someone!
UEDA's post on 11/4:-
Why Kame chan put on a mask again? We have been together for so long, finally trusting us. Finally letting me trust in KAT-TUN. Why block us away?
We also want to help! We are good friends right?!
UEDA's post on 12/4:-
I went Kame chan house today. He is still not doing well. I still can't understand why would they do such a thing. Nakamaru partly stays in his house. (smile) No matter what, all 6 of us will walk this path together.
Whether you like it or not! Kame chan is part of KAT-TUN!
UEDA's post on 15/4:-
RH went ok today. Heard that many emailed Kame chan to comfort him.
Call him to comfort him. Either his friends or our friends. Thanks to everyone! It means a lot to KAT-TUN, specially Kame chan!

NAKAMARU's post on 16/4:-
Actually I have no plans to write this journal. But I feel that I should speak up. Kame chan is not the only one being affected by the incident.
All of us(KAT-TUN) are being badly affect as well. If you don't like Kame chan or any of us, please just keep within yourself. I am not just saying because I love Kazuya or a super big fan of Kazuya. I am saying because it is common sense! I do love Kazuya. I don't wish anyone to hurt him or anyone in KAT-TUN. We(KAT-TUN) are a group. Good and close friends.
How would you feel if someone you don't know hurt your very good friend in public and loudly? If you like other groups or just some of us, then support whoever you like but please don't hurt other people's feelings by saying those things. We are human beings just like you. Kame chan and KAT-TUN will not be beated down that easily! That is all I have to say.

yes koki. beat the hell out of those bitches!
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[info] Unofficial Johhny's Entertainment Fanclub Germany (aka InJEF Germany)

...I just came up with that name...sounds a little too professional, doesn't it...?


Today was like the more-or-less foundation of an inofficial Johnny's Entertainment Fanclub in Germany at least by a group of JE Fans from NRW. Since I know that just the (ca.) 10 of us aren't the only JE Fans in Germany, I am herewith calling all German JE Fans!! The more the merrier! Please reply to this thread and we can discuss this further.

I hope this is allowed...

-> Will be x-posted in the JE communities...

Members who are already in (as far as I know their LJ names...)

- kira_shadow
- minaya
- nightelf_elle
- ata2308
- kaycchu
- laniacortez

And a few more...but I don't know their LJ accounts or they don't have one...
We'd be happy to receive answers! ♥

[link] Jin's Solo - Pinky

I know a link from youtube has been put up, but I found this on a blog if anyone wants to go there and watch a clearer version of Jin's solo from the concert...and of his little "dance" w/ Koki. XD You can actually see Jin lift up Koki's skirt too...LOL...I laugh at how he smacked him on the head afterwards.

Well, here's the link!

um...I didn't see any rules about posting up links like this, but feel free to delete if this shouldn't be here.