April 21st, 2006

Hello & Feedback

Okay first off, I'm completely new to this forum. :x Hi everyone. To be completely honest, I'm not a kat-tun fan. :x

But I've joined in request of a someone that belongs to this community, that thought I could be of some service to some of you kat-tun fans here. ^^*

I'm currently starting to sell various JE pictures bought at the JE shops in Japan as well as various parparzzi shots & copies of JE photos from Taiwan.

I was offered by my provider (i sound like a druggie) a stash of kat-tun pictures. personally, i dont have any interest bc i have like ... a total of 2 kattun friends, but then one of those friends invited me here, and thought some of you may want some. :)

so because im in need of some feedback please take a look at the cut and tell me if any of you are interested. is this allowed? i didnt see that it wasn't allowed in the rules. i hope im a-okay :(

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  • breze


Does anyone know if the KAT-TUN Live Kaizokuban DVD come in hard case or soft sleeve cover? Are there any booklets along with the DVD, or just the cover jacket? Any other DVD details you can think of?

Sorry about all the questions... as a bribe... actually, I don't have much I can share that hasn't been passed around already. ^^; Selected songs? Screen caps? Fanfic? What would you guys like?

Thank you in advance!