April 20th, 2006

Irresistable - Cami

Jin Overdose: Part Two

Has anyone died from Cami's KT-TUN and NEWS picture spam yet?

Since Cami *heart* Jin so much, I've decided to make another Jin Overdose: Part Two. Part one is here. This is partly to celebrate Cami's return from Easter holidays as well. As usual, I had fun posting the pictures up although Photobucket was being a bitch to me and I had to repost all 200 pictures to TinyPic. Sorry that I did not include any captions at this round.

Click for another dose of Jin..

I doubt that I will make another Jin Overdose for sometime now. I need to look for more new pictures >.< The next round would be V6, that would be after I finish up my essay and presentations XD

Have fun drooling!!:D


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na&#39;s avvy

LAST Chance for KT Spring con goodies :]

Um I thought as there wasn't much reaction from u guys in the 2nd round of orders, nobody else wants to order anymore so I took down the KT orders from our page yesterday.. I didn't know that some of u were still preparing to send us the order.. gomen ne ;___;

I believe that this community is our only source of KAT-TUN customers, so I'll not bother to reup the pricelist and pics in our page.. instead I'll just paste the pricelist here for anyone who doesn't want to miss this last chance.

There wasn't a clear cut for our last deadline coz I thought the demand died down ;o; but as cash in mail usually reaches us after a week, I can't really postpone it too much because we're still waiting for alot of your kane to arrive and we're getting close to our maximum limit in coughing up money to cover your expenses at the moment >___<.. If you're really interested, please tell me ASAP as I think our limited capital can only help cover for like 3 more fangirls' orders.

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Please don't post your questions here as I won't refresh this page all the time (instead, I'll be studying until my gmail bot starts yelling at me) Please send ur stuff to applemartini.net[at]gmail.com

Thanks nya x3

*If you've all ordered from other sources or just aren't interested, feel free to ignore this as a random spam :]
kame || ♥

[scans] Wink Up 2003 Nov. pin up

hi everyone! i don't really know what to say for this photoshoot except that i love the colors! it's a pinup from an old issue of wink up! :) hope you all like them! i think they all look rather adorable!

crediting is optional. you don't have to credit me but DO NOT CLAIM that you scanned them. i shall be forced to bite you!

Free image hostingFree image hosting
because KAT-TUN starts with K
[front and back side]

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comments would be greatly appreciated :)
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new wallpapers~

I said I'd make single wallpapers of all the members but stopped after Kame (>_<) Oh well, I'll do that, too, but now first some new group wallpaper. Hope you all like them (^__^)

By the way, is there something like a KAT-TUN graphics community? (o_O) Didn't hear of anything like this yet...
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