April 19th, 2006



Hello I´m New ö.ö/)))
This is my first Community .-.
I don´t know how it to use and my English is not so good at all.
I hope you can understand me XD
I have made one Avatar from Kame ö.ö
If you like, you can it use, I use it too^^
I make some more from Kat-tun and show you it and then you can use it...or not X3
By the way...I´m 18 Years old and from Germany^^

Kame Avatar

Bya _Kao-sama_ ^__^
Maru's hips don't lie

Just A Thought...

I was just thinking about a few new rules that might/should be added to the comm.

**No hotlinking of other LJ/Blog's on Kattun_love without the owners permission of that blog/LJ.
Permission MUST be asked before post is made. The post must say you have been granted permission, if not the post will be deleted.

This rule has been thought about because of the recent BLOG incident.

I was also thinking about "Anonymous comments will be deleted" as in the past Myself as well as others recieve either flames and/or rude comments from Anonymous people...so maybe this would help and keep others dicouragment on a lower level.

I won't change the rules yet...But I already discussed this with xakamex and she thinks it's a good idea too.

Tell me what you think first.

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(no subject)

Hello, I'm totally new to this, so pls don't blame me, if I do anything wrong!! Just wanted to say a big hello to everyone!! I am totally loving Kamenashi now... he is sooo cute!!! I really liked him after watching him in "Kindaichi"... and he got me into the whole jpop as well!
I'm 20 years old and from UK!!!

[mp3]karaoked songs done by Kira^__^

It's me again^^;;;
Except this time it's not my songs^^

I'm posting this for my friend Kira, who's REALLY talented with karaoking> <
..[and it was her who gave me the instrumental to PRECIOUS ONE and taught me how to voice cut properly^^;;;;]

Here's her site, with a LOT more karaoked songs
[she's Chinese so...^^;;]

Here they are~!!

| Megaupload | YSI

| Megaupload | YSI

| Megaupload | YSI |

Comments are welcome^____^
[I'll try to get the messages to her since she doesn't have an account^^;]

EDIT: ...how can I confuse Blue Tuesday with Special Happiness?...[takes a gun and shoots myself= =]