April 18th, 2006

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Roleplaying Community

If this is not allowed, please delete it ne? ^^;;;

Johnny's Entertainmen WORLDWIDE

je_worldwide Is a Johnny's Entertainment ONLY roleplaying community, recently on the search for more members!

All you need is:
- At least the age of 18
- Knowledge of the muse you want to play
- Decent English and a somewhat good writing style. Experience would be nice!

That's like everything! Easy isn't it? ^_^

And now here the list of the already claimed muses:

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If you want further information about this community, please visit it's userinfo.

The play will start when we have enough muses, so nobody will be left behind!
Don't be shy to apply or IM me on xHatsukoi on AIM if there are still some questions!

the MODs
xsangekix & ricinkiss

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Hello, I'm newbie! ^_^

I decided to join, becouse KAT TUN is my fav JE band ^^ [together with SMAP]. I'm from Poland and I'm 18 :). My fav member of KT is Jin, Junno and Koki, but other members I very love too ^_^.
I want to show you my last wallpp with KT on the ocassion of my join ;) [please take credit if you take someone].

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I hope, that U like them and me too! o'.'o
[kat-tun] kuchibiru

[NEWS] Not NEWS news, but 'news' like in 'newspaper'. :D

Lol. So I don't know who on earth would want to buy this or who still has money to spend after the yayspendmoney!debut fun, but apparently, KAT-TUN is releasing ピアノミニアルバム Real Face / Gloria / Will Be All Right on April 20th. The Japanese just says "Piano Mini Album." It says album, but it's really just a piano book... >>

Just lookie here~ lalala :D
Oh, and if anyone is fluent/understands enough to tell them apart, please tell me what's up with ソロ and 弾き語り. My dictionary gave me "singing to one's own accompaniment" for the latter one... so I don't see a difference between that and 'solo'. At all. e___e

Uh... also, I don't know whether or not anyone has posted about this yet because I haven't had a chance to check. Sorry. Really, I don't even know if anyone even cares. But that's okay! This is helping me procrastinate on my English essay. That's reason enough for my rambling. <3 </blahblahblah>
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Songs from latest SC episodes

Hello ^_^/
I was wondering if anyone would like the clips from the last two Shounen Club episodes. I mean Junno & Kame singing 'Special Happines', Maru & Koki's 'One on One' and sexy Jin & hot Ueda in 'Butterfly'.
I'm sorry if anyone has already uploaded them, we'll just have some extra links, ne? ^_^"

.:Edited - extra links!:.

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[scans] Arena37c 2006.05

hi everyone~~!!

i've scanned a large proportion of Arena37c May 06, and thought i'd do some sharing =D

they're posted here: click

Gazette (19 + cover)
Kat-tun (10)
Alice Nine (8)
Miyavi (5)
High and Mighty Color (2)
Nao (Kagrra) (2)
WaT (2)


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