April 17th, 2006

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[trans] Rush of Light + Butterfly + keitai emoticons

Three translations, the lyrics for Rush of Light & Butterfly and a short thing on their favourite emoticons from Popolo Dec '05.

Btw, has anyone else done a translation of Butterfly? I've done it but it's kinda whack, due to the song having 3 languages & skipping a LOT from being poetic to being gangsta. I'd love to see if someone else has done it, or if anyone wants to correct me on mine! XD

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Hi hi! I'm back with ilaila645 to bring you another fanvid! But first we'd like to thank you all for the nice comments you left on the last one. We're really happy you like what we're doing. ^_^
So now, here is part 2 of our 5 part series! Prease to enjoy!

Riila Productions presents:

KAT-TUN on Hey x3 - Part 2: Yamapi's Cellphone Fetish
Yep, you read it right! Oh the drama! It's quite moving, really.


Click me (MU)
Click me (YSI)

In case you missed Part 1, it can be found here. ^^

[mp3]something unusual for you= =

Urg I have no idea how to name this post...
Well, here it goes..

By voice cutting on cool edit pro, I sang my version of the song PRECIOUS ONE...[yes the PRECIOUS ONE by KAT-TUN= =]
I've always liked the song ever since I've heard it, and I have been looking for chances to get the complete album version to try the song..and I did..-v-

For those of you who can't stand weird, crazy fangirl singing your fav idol's song, please ignore this= =
and if this is against the rules anyhow please delete this post=v=

Well, enough said, here's the link.
| Megaupload | YSI |

..and please ignore my Engrish-v-
..and the mistakes I made...=v=
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[req] Help Please

Hi all,

I recently lost my laptop ie I blew it up. I finally have my new one all set up, but unfortunately I was unable to retrieve any information from my old hd. That means I lost all of my videos, icons, etc. T-T.

I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to provide me with links so I can restore my lost information. You all have been so kind to me in the past, and I would really appreciate your help now. In return, I will happily write you a fic, attempt to make you an icon, or anything else you choose though I do fail at graphics.

So please help me refill my shiny new hard drive.

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New Member to community

Hey everyone...I just joined this community, obviously...and just wanted to introduce myself a little bit. I am absolutely in love with Kamenashi Kazuya and cannot get enough of him. I am also in love with Matsumoto Jun, but I looove Kamenashi Kazuya. ><" I am taking a Japanese Language class right now and haven't learned much Japanese yet. However, we have watched "Hana Yori Dango" and some of "Nobuta" in class. We have yet to finish "Nobuta" but I am loving it so far. So, now I am starting to like Japanese music and Japanese boys...hehe ^_^...and I am enjoying Japanese class very much (even though we're memorizing a lot). So, just some facts about why I joined this community.

I am not going to reveal where I live or how old I am...but I will tell you that I have just joined bowling this year...and I also dance ballet, tap, and jazz. I have two dogs, and my sister has a rabbit and a mouse. If there is anything else that you would like to know about me...you could also look at my profile/userinfo. ^_^

Hope everyone in this community likes me. ^_^
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New Here

Hi! I'm cherrry. New here. Absolutley (sp? i'm bad at spelling) LOVE Kame and Jin. I saw them in "Gokusen 2 and Kame in "Nobuta wo Produce", and "Kindaidhi Shounen Special." I LOVE listening to KAT-TUN, NewS, SE7EN, DBSK, Super Junior and other K-Pop/J-Pop artists. And I guess that'll do for an introduction. ^_^.