April 16th, 2006


[icons] Akame/Pikame

I was challenged to make some akame and pikame icons, so here they are! They’re kinda on the boring side, but oh well, my lack of imagination is to blame there. =Þ Also threw in a couple of Kame just because. ^^ Comment/credit and please do not direct-link.

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Real Face English Translation

Ah, ah~ I don't know if anyone's ever posted this before or not, but a couple days ago when I was looking for Real Face translation (yes, translation, not romanized lyrics), I was directed to this wonderful site who some romanized lyrics and english translations for them. I'm going to put the translation to Real Face, but you can definitely visit her site to find more lyrics translations such as Love In Snow, Gold, Kizuna, and Le Ciel. I have permission from the webmistress to post it here, so. Just thought I'd share ♥

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On a side note, kattun_archive is updated :3 Start catching up, folks!
Rika Ishikawa


Hello to everybody!
It's the first time I post here... I joined a long time ago but I had nothing to say... and okay, I did some icons, I'm almost new in this iconworld and forgive my icon-quality (but you can see old icons here...)

But here you are.

[5] Kamenashi Kazuya
[3] KAT-TUN's Hogwarts
[1] Narimiya Hiroki
[1] Spike

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Hello ^_^/
My first post here, I'm still trying to figure out some things ^_^"
I have the Shounen Club episode from 2005/10/16 and I was wondering if anyone knows something about the letters Koki and Nakamaru read to each other. I'm not asking for the whole translation because that would be too much but can you give me a general description? I mean, from Maru's reactions sometimes it seems like Koki is confessing his love XD

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Thank you so much!
Wu Zun From Fahrenheit

Utawara ATTU VS Big Black Dog + SC 2006.4.16

Edited: This is totally not relevant..haha..but anyway, if any of u want to show ur love for NEWS..and show that u have not forgetten them..check out this banner design competition for johnnyjr clubbox:
http://bakanosekai.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=177. Deadline on the 22nd of April..^^


Haha..Jin, Ueda, Taguchi, koki were enclosed in a room with a Big Black dog (one after another) and they were supposed to make befriend it. HAha..their reactions when the dog first came in are so priceless..lol . Kame and Maru were outside watching their reactions on video. haha.

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Shounen Club: 

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Koki and Nakamaru's One on One is going to be uploaded soon..check back: http://clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr

Oh yah..will upload the full version of both Utawara and Shounen Club when we have it.
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crossword puzzle translations

hi everyone! no scans today, i'm sorry! i actually posted some kat-tun games here a while ago. jailnaziking was kind enough to translate the crossword puzzle♥. there are actually some neat kat-tun facts, i didn't know nakamaru had a great interest in astronomy! anyway, it would be a waste not to share these lovely translations with this community.

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once again these are not my translations, jailnaziking, took the time to translate it. so thank you so much! i really appreciated it!!♥♥
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hey! i recorded a version of kizuna on the piano... download and let your ears rot at your own risk okay? there isnt any sheet music so i just did this by ear.comment okay? ahaha so sorry for destroying kame's song!!!!!!! GOMEN! m(__)m
don't die okay?
i cant pay for your medical bills

bah. i love JE BOYS. haha:P
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