April 15th, 2006

Kame <3

Tiny request...

Okay so this is a bit weird. I don't like requesting as I prefer to find things on my own but I really can't find this. >_<;
So I thought maybe anyone here has it...
Ueda Tatsuya's performance of Kotoba yori taisetsu na mono? Arashi's song? I'd love to have it avi... as I love that song and really really like his version of it..

Thanks in advance..!
Irresistable - Cami

[pics] Huge pic spam (^__^)

Hey guys!
I thought I'd just let you know I made a huge post of pic spams and thought I'd share. (^^)
Since my LJ-buddy Andi's already done Jin's pic spam, I thought I'd go ahead and do Kame's for her.. and T-TUN's as well so she can go ahead and work on her V6 post. XD
Anyway, what I've got:

- NEWS - 100 pictures
- Kame - 145 pictures
- Junno - 55 Pictures
- Koki - 52 pictures
- Ueda - 52 pictures
- Maru - 52 pictures
- Added pictures at the end (still KAT-TUN) - 4 pictures
- KAT-TUN FO banners - 12 banners
- New for the new LJ layout - 2 graphics

And since the total comes up to at least 456 pictures I didn't really have time to comment. (TT-TT)
I'm exhausted now but I hope you enjoy!!

Clickityclick for KT-TUN overdose

(*pouts* I feel bad that I missed out Jin. And he happens to be the one I like the most out of all of them. XD)

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[scans] hi everyone!

hi everyone! i haven't posted any scans lately and for that i am sorry! XD! i keep telling myself i need to contribute but my week has been pretty crazy, ever since school started! anyway enough of my incessant babble, here are some scans.

scans are free to use. crediting is optional. do not claim that you scanned them, i will be very sad.

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i'm not sure if there's scans of these around, but it's from and older photoshoot wink up nov. 2003

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and recently i got my hair cut at a japanese salon and while looking through their JJ magazines, came across this kame photoshoot. needless to say, i bought that JJ magazine some time later. ^^
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*dies* awakens *dies again*

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hope you guys liked these! sorry i haven't posted in a while! congrats to rikayla and sadaoru!

*comments would be nice, if it's not too much trouble*
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Does anyone have the translation of Special Happiness

Hi! I was wondering if anyone had the translation for the song Kame wrote, Special Happiness? Idolthoughts is down so I can't get the translations&I want to use the translations in my new layout. ^^;; Sorry to bother you all, but if anyone has them, or can direct me to them, I'd really appreciate it. I've searched past entries already, and I didnt find them, or I must have totally missed it. ^^;; Thank you. :D
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