April 14th, 2006

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21x anego, akanishi jin

01. Do not pass these off as your own.
02. No alterations. None of these are bases.
03. Comment if you're going to take any. Please specify exactly which one(s) you are taking.
04. Credit me in the keywords/comment if you take something.
05. Do not direct-link. Ever.
06. Please friend if you like what you see. 8D

22 anego
→ 21 Akanishi Jin
***credits for screencaps to kasandara_yuy

( follow the fake cut :D )
#1//nishikido ryo

(no subject)

5 Misc. models
10 Aya Ueto
10 Misc. J-Culture [Aoi Miyazaki, Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, Yuna Ito]
12 Mika Nakashima
12 Paradise GO!! GO!!
19 Morning Musume [Fujimoto Miki, Takahashi Ai]
34 JE [KAT-TUN, NewS, Jrs.]


(Simple Love)

- comment & credit
- don't alter or redistribute [unless it's a base*]
- enjoy!
* Because I don't put my icons under a base category and a non-base category anymore, the way to tell whether it's a base, blank, or a text icon, please follow this key:

    When you're saving icons, please take a look at the ending:
  • - base: it's a base which means you can alter them, but please credit me for the base.

  • - bl: it's a blank, a wordless icon, which means you can't alter it.

  • - txt: it's a text icon.

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Utawara comes back !!

I think a lot of us know ! Next Sunday there is Utawara ! ( they did that 12/04 )
So .. I found a little preview and it's so funny !
It seems that KAT-TUN are the only guest !
You can see Ueda , Jin , Koki then Junno with a BIG dog and they have different reactions !
I think Koki's fans will be really JEALOUS of the dog lol ( I would like to be him T_T ) and Ueda's too ^^;
You can see the coward and courageous lol ( I think I would have react like Jin ^^;; )

It's really good to see them on utawara because we know it was just broadcasted and I love Ueda's new hairstyle and koki cut again I believe O_o !


Why I am not a doooggg ?? lol

new !

hiii everyone~ ! ! ! ^-^

my name is ami & i`ve been a silent reader . . so i just joined this community ! ! { & live journal. . LOL. >-< }

i have been a fan of KAT - TUN for only a few weeks now !
`REAL FACE` is such a GREAT song. . .
i LOVE jin, kame, & koki ~ but they`re all really really great. ^ ^v

i`m sorry i don`t have nething to contribute ! i hope these kind of posts are allowed > <''
i just wanted to say hello . . :} & thanx to the mod[s] for makin` such a wonderful community ! !
take care ^ ^
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