April 13th, 2006

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I thought I'd post this..

I was bored so I browsing through yesasia.com and saw that they have kat-tun's limited box set in stock again for $85 so I figured people that haven't already bought yest would liek to know. I wanna buy it but I dont have that kind of money to spare (basically poor lol) so I'm just buying the album instead.

http://us.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/code-j/section-music/pid-1004123778/ <--there's the direct link
Irresistable - Cami

Jin Overdose.

I promised my LJ partner, Cami a Jin picture spam. Thought that I'll post it up here too. It's my first time posting something up anyway. Hope you guys will like it!!Image hosting by Photobucket

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There, I hope you guys enjoyed the entry as much as i enjoyed typing it :D I can't stop myself from posting gorgeous Jin's pictures up. :P I lost quite a huge amount of blood. Bye now, I need to mop the blood from the floor!! XD

x-posted. sorry.
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yayoi kusama


I hope this is not a stupid request, but does anyone have photos of Kat-tun when they were parading in the L.A. area? I know some people have taken pictures of them and it would just be really sweet to see them in a car in Little Tokyo (or at least I think they went there) waving at strangers/fans/old people who have no idea who they are.

I'm sorry I don't have anything to give in return because I'm not such a big picture/video collector (hardrive about to explode), but I have a sketch I did of Jin under the cut and he looks like a Martian.

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Thank you in advance!
Akame.  Simple As That.

[MOD] New MODs

I'd like to inform and introduce everyone to the two(2) new MODs that will be helping out from now on. Please welcome sadaoru and rikayla! I personally chose these two because 1) I liked their application. 2) I liked their personality. Yeha, I kinda went off what I said I was going to judge on but I'm sure these two will be awesome! *bows*

Thanks to everyone who applied, I appreciate it! GANBARE!


The userinfo has been revamped...for now...XP
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YamaP and Jin Sony Ericsson Phone Themes!

Who in the world creates Sony Ericsson YamaP and Jin themes?ME. okay? haha
Its so dumb, no one has done it..everyone does icons and wallpapers(and me being the uber dumb fangirl,cant create icons and wallpapers and banners and what have yous to save my freakin life. haha. so here you go! links to YamaP's and Jin's Sony Ericsson theme! do Comment okay? Credit if you do take it yeah? :) Kame's one will come soon(promise!)

YamaP's Sony Theme (with Love song as the ringtone):

Jin's Sony Theme (with real face as the ringtone) :

Haha im not really sure if it works on all Sony Phones! but it definately worked for my K750i!:P

Kame's Sony Ericsson Theme!

ahh!:D Kame's sony ericsson theme is ready!
Please comment okay?tell me if it doesnt work with your phone cos it works with my k750i!credit if you can!:D
And tell me if FileFactory doesnt work yeah? any requests to make other themes? haha so sorry i have no idea how to make icons and wallpapers and banners and stuff! haha :P (who makes these anyway?)(rambles on...:P)
these boys make me hyperventilate all the time..
are you as obsessed as i am?
Kame's Sony Ericsson theme(with Kizuna as ringtone):
haha thanks for listening.haha so sorry you had to!:P
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Wu Zun From Fahrenheit

Package with messages already given to Kame (Kame support campaign) - ended

Here's the original message from 崎原奈久柳:



Basically, she said that Yamapi's sister went to her house..and she passed the package with all the messages to her. Then Yamapi's sister has already passed to Yamapi who passed it to kame..haha.. Hope I am not confusing u.

But anyway, the main point is that Kame has received the package! yay..so who knows..he might one day read the message I wrote..lol

Edited: Yeah..might seems that the girl is lying..and lots of the chinese fans are speculating that she might be a fake.. But anyway, here's her answer to the accusations..

够了!够了!!奈奈忍不住了!完全忍不住了!奈奈因为这些事情还哭过,过了一天眼睛变番茄一样!本来想说不要再继续回来这个网站,但是知道为什么吗?因为还有很多相信我的人给我消息,我感谢他们,才回来回复他们的!我说真的我根本不知道要做什么了!一千多条消息!!一千多条!!就这样被一个一个完全翻译好!!知道我们大家是多累吗?!晚上熬夜4个小时,过了一天还要上学!奈奈很后悔为什么要叫哥哥和加乃来帮奈奈,而最后得到的却是什么?!怀疑!不信任!挨骂!奈奈不敢相信!真的!!如果大家看到了就不要回复奈奈了,奈奈已经太累了,头痛到连头痛药都吃了3天!akanishi1104 谢谢你相信奈奈,真的很开心,奈奈决定要回答。

-(而且我看你的登录时间,你每天还是都有来浏览这个网站的! )

可是有些人却用:中日混血不可能写错-->这句话带过去.. 所以..)


不过都是过去的事情了,哭也哭过了,包裹给了,邮件寄了,奈奈后悔也没有办法了。。。 只是奈奈也有一些问题。。。为什么那些修正奈奈的人在kame需要的时候没有出来帮忙呢?一定要在奈奈全部翻译完毕,包裹送出去之后才会有人出来纠正奈奈吗?


Anyway, even if it's not true, I think there's no harm in just leaving a msg.. cos What if it's true? lol
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