April 12th, 2006

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[vid] KAT-TUN - Freeze on SC051016

Because i like this song. I love Jin's hairstyle here, i love they way the song is about 50 percent in english, i love the way i can sing along mumbling random english words, i love the way all of them sound so rockish and look good in here. And just because it pwns along with all the other KT songs XD;

(Fake cut to my journal!!)
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Akame.  Simple As That.


Okay, like I don't even want to hear about the Yarakashi's anymore so please don't post anymore more links to blogs that aren't useful in at least helping Kame out. Goddamn, I'm just so pissy right now yeha, just...shut up about it...kplzthxbye!

No long post this time cause bitches like me gotta go to work in the morning...oh fuck! News MODS soon goddamn!

I'm saying this is general and not specifically at anyone so if you feel offended, come bitch to me! AND earlier post from k1zuna deleted! Sorry, like some comments said, commenting in yarakashi's journals will only excite them...*sigh*

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[request] Akame Rose Scene @ Shounen Club

Okay. So this is a selfish request, I know. R)#QRWALWJL but. Please.

My computer is...near dead. It should be soon. I have less than 1gig left on my harddrive. XD And I just had to uninstall Clubbox to make even that much more room. So please, I am requesting, if it all possible (and because kattunlove is my favourite community ever. SERIOUSLY. Out of all my Friends List entries each day, kattunlove's win so bad.),

Can anybody here rip or upload the scene at the lastest [Shounen Club] when Kame almost stepped on the rose and Jin started yelling in gibberish and gave it to him and they stared at each other (and and and and~)? YSI, Megaupload, Sendspace, whatever works.

I don't have clubbox...it takes forever for me....very little memory for the whole eppy....Dial-Up....yeah. XD


- Scans of the May issue of Poporo w/KAT-TUN's debut (I'm assuming that scans have already been provided from this issue. But I can prove the raw scans of the interview, or the thoughts each member had on their single, songs on the album, and the real face film, for translation purposes if anybody is interested. Basically: Scans of the interviews if you want to translate them yourself. I will not translate them. I'm being completely honest here -- until my classes start in Fall 2006, I know little more than a couple katakana characters.) P.S. Suits. Omg. Dropdeadsexy. AND KAME IN EMO GLASSES.

Did anybody else notice that he and Nakamaru were the only ones with painted toenails? Is anybody else amused by the thought of Kame and Maru having a sleepover and painting each other's toenails while Jin waits sadly at his phone all night waiting to be invited?

- Crack Akame Fic (Okay, this is weird. I don't know. But I have this amusing idea in my head involving Jin and Kame with their own radio show [OLD IDEA I KNOW] and Jin makes some stupid unfunny joke like, "L'eggo my Tego(shi)! AHAHAAHAHHAOFSFKWFSK" and there is an awkward comedic silence. And. YEAHOKAY blew my only unfunny idea. But whatever. XD)

- My soul? ♥

PLEASE AND THANK YOU. <3333333333333333333333333333 I would be so, so, SO gracious. You have no idea. (Or maybe you do?)
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HEY EVERYONE :::waves:::

Ultra HUGE request!!!!
I was wondering if anyone had the complete lyrics for Best of KAT-TUN??? Like complete with english translations o^_^o and Romanized (like I'm not asking enough already right.)
I love singing along to the songs, but I hate when I can't make out certain words...and I have to hummm over the words.
Also....::: smile:::
Does anyone have the rom/trans lyrics to "colorful" From the Shuji to Akira single. YamaPi sings it (one from Dragonzakura) I would appreciate all the help I can get!!!
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