April 11th, 2006

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Akame icons

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[x] Do not attempt to make any changes to any of my icons.

- Akanishi Jin [Real Face] (9)
- Hamasaki Ayumi (14)
- BoA (2)
- Otsuka Ai (9)
- Hello! Project (16)
- KAT-TUN (4)
- Jdramas (10)


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MP3 Requests

Yes, it's me again folks! I'm in need of KAT-TUN'S cover of Adalucia ni Akogarete and also Real Face. I had it but deleted it for more space,and now I need them desperatley. THANKS IN ADAVANCE. No, bribe this time but I'll post so stuff laters thanks again. Oh,and also Bonnie Butterfly ! THANKS YET AGAIN !!!!
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Just Wondering[discussion]

Mello Everyone,

Me and my friend the other day had a heated discussion about KAT-TUN and the group itself.

You see she was saying that hardly anybody prefers KAT-TUN as a group and that most prefer one or two ppl [example : Kame&Jin] and hate the rest.

I said that I ADORED them all together. True, Kame and Jin would be the MOST likely to be able to carry on with solo careers and JDramas. But, what about the other 4?

I personally love KAT-TUN all together as one whole group.

What is your opinions?
Do you prefer KAT-TUN seperately or as a group?


P.S~ I hope this kind of a post is oki....if not...gomen and you may delete it..>.
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Toronto JE Fan Gathering

Hi~ My friends and I are trying to organize a Toronto JE Fan gathering during Anime North convention held next month from May 26-28 (if there isn't one being planned already).

We're also thinking of cosplaying KAT-TUN during this convention, the cosplay would be based on this picture, each person will be wearing a tshirt like KAT-TUN that has their initial letter on it.

So far we have the following:
Kamenashi Kazuya x 1 (Celina)
Akanishi Jin x 1 (nana_oosaki)
Taguchi Junnosuke x 2 (taensuu, fuwakyo)
Tanaka Koki x 1 (mandy__chan)
Ueda Tatsuya x 1 (sadaoru)
Nakamaru Yuichi x 1 (eijiko)

- we need Koki!!! T___T
- we can have more than one person cosplaying the same person, as long as we will end up with a complete set of KATTUN in the end~ XD
- you do NOT have to look like who you're trying to cosplay, this is all just for fun and the love of KAT-TUN~
- t-shirts and other details will be decided once we gather all the people

If you are interested in the gathering, please join us, leave a comment, and tell us any ideas you have, we welcome everybody to come and participate, and hopefully we can plan something fun for everyone~ ^__^

Love Me Again - Complete.

Some fanvids I thought I should share as they are quite popular in Chinese communities! Please take a look and do not re-distribute. Please tell me if you have to re-distribute it so I may ensure that you give the correct credentials. If you don't, there are possibilities of copyrights infringements on the original author and things will happen. So please abide by the rules~ :)

Love Me Again

Kamenashi Kazuya as Odagiri Ryu/Kiritani Shuuji
Akanishi Jin as Yabuki Hayato