April 10th, 2006

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Ooglemarket sells u KAT-TUN goodies

Hihi, most of u would have heard of the OOGLEMARKET from other lj comms :]

Trying not to make this too plug-ish, I'll start with a
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I haven't posted in kattunlove before, so I'm not sure if u know that we have been doing the 2nd round of preorders for KAT-TUN Spring Tour goodies :] Maybe that is the reason why the KAT-TUN orders we received is like a quarter of that for NewS @@~..

I've posted fotos of the goodies on our site, and just to note, we are currently also accepting orders for other concerts which include:
- NEWS SPRING CONCERT TOUR 2006 (3rd round)
- Jun Butai Perf : 'Valkyrie'

Happy Shopping and let's hope that those goodies won't sit in the boxes for the rest of their lives x]
Akame.  Simple As That.

I dub thee...

To me, myself, and I...and anyone else who wants to follow. I dub April 8, "Kamenashi Kazuya Appreciation Day" (or just "Kame Appreciation Day" for short). Yeha, this might be like the stupidest thing ever done but I just wanted to show my support and if things follow suit, it might even reach Kame and know that he is truely awesome and that a few stinky fans can't overcome the love all the other fans! Deshou!?

So, til next April 8...keep waiting. LOL!

@me (*runs off to work*)

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Kame's a bit better, I think.

From Trinna's blog, everybody was saying how kawaii Kame was and all. He really isn't back from being his talkative self, but he definitely spoke more than five sentences. XDD

Jin, Maru and Koki were being particularly cute to him, I think? XP Thanks to seizu for a bit of translation:

If i'm reading at correct place, Kame said something to Maru, and then Jin said to Kame "You're being spoilt again". Nakamaru then continued by saying "Akanishi, You are the spoilt one".

Koki and Maru also kept playing behind Kame for a time period LOL Then Kame turned around and was like "Ehh? What's happening?"

That's all. ^^
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Special Drama - Happy! Starring Taguchi + AIUEO (AKAME playing jan ken pon)

Hihi...another thing for us to be Happy about...=)

Here's Taguchi's Special Drama...

Chinese subbed (rmvb version) - http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/1hy67

Non subbed (avi format) - http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/xhy67

Next, I STRONGLY, SERIOUSLY, COMPLETELY recommend this download here..

AIUEO: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/p0t67

It's really really good for us who cant go to their concert..cos it showed snippets of the concert..they were really high...okk...some parts to look forward to in the clip..

The perfect AKAME moment - AKAME playing jan ken pon (scissors paper stone) - Jin was really excited..haha..so cute
Ueda smashing the guitar - Yep...most of us have seen the picture...how about seeing it in action? haha..

And other stuff..haha..
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Wu Zun From Fahrenheit

The Support Kame Campaign. (ended)

Edited: Just to inform all of u.. 崎原奈久柳 and her friend has already tried their best to translate all the messages given to them. Btw, she has already given the package full of msgs to Yamapi's sister, so she will no longer accept any new messages. =) Thanks!

This is the msg given to me by rae:

There's this girl called 崎原奈久柳 who knows Yamapi's sister. She has started a "Support Kame Campaign", so to speak. She's helping Chinese fans translate their messages to Kame into Japanese, and will pass them to Pi's sister so that Kame will receive them. Check out her post here, it's in Chinese though -> http://post.baidu.com/f?kz=92894749[/color]

Here's the update concerning the campaign.


She say she is translating all the chinese messages to japanese. Those who know japanese do write ur msg in Japanese are there are SO many pple leaving messages and they are having a hard time translating so many messages.

Btw, she is passing the messages to Yamapi's sister..and she is going to do it by tomorrow night at 7pm (prob japan's time)..so if u want Kame to read ur msg..do leave a msg there. I left mine already...=)

Oh yah, she said that Kame's better already..he has more smiles now...=) 

Edited: ah..lots of pple have been speculating whether this girl is really a japanese..anyway, let's give her the benefit of the doubt..I dont think she will gain anything by lying..

For those who are interested, here's her reply to some of the accusations given to her..

够了!够了!!奈奈忍不住了!完全忍不住了!奈奈因为这些事情还哭过,过了一天眼睛变番茄一样!本来想说不要再继续回来这个网站,但是知道为什么吗?因为还有很多相信我的人给我消息,我感谢他们,才回来回复他们的!我说真的我根本不知道要做什么了!一千多条消息!!一千多条!!就这样被一个一个完全翻译好!!知道我们大家是多累吗?!晚上熬夜4个小时,过了一天还要上学!奈奈很后悔为什么要叫哥哥和加乃来帮奈奈,而最后得到的却是什么?!怀疑!不信任!挨骂!奈奈不敢相信!真的!!如果大家看到了就不要回复奈奈了,奈奈已经太累了,头痛到连头痛药都吃了3天!akanishi1104 谢谢你相信奈奈,真的很开心,奈奈决定要回答。

-(而且我看你的登录时间,你每天还是都有来浏览这个网站的! )

可是有些人却用:中日混血不可能写错-->这句话带过去.. 所以..)


不过都是过去的事情了,哭也哭过了,包裹给了,邮件寄了,奈奈后悔也没有办法了。。。 只是奈奈也有一些问题。。。为什么那些修正奈奈的人在kame需要的时候没有出来帮忙呢?一定要在奈奈全部翻译完毕,包裹送出去之后才会有人出来纠正奈奈吗?

  作者: 崎原奈久柳  2006-4-16 20:11   回复此发言

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(no subject)

I'm pretty new to the KAT-TUN / Johnny's E. world, but is there anyway we can like... send emails or letter or something to help show our support for Kame and KAT-TUN?

I've been going through a really rough time in my own life, and I feel that one of the reasons I've been able to keep a possitive attitude is due to listening to KAT-TUN when I'm down. KAT-TUN makes me so happy, just listening to them or watching them on shows makes me feel better. And Kame is by far my favorite member, I actually liked him from 'Nobuta wo Produce' and because I liked him as an actor I got into KAT-TUN.

Anyways... I'm just wondering if we can do something more than just give our support where he cannot see it. I think that if he saw that even his American fans were behind him, that might cheer him up.

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Icons to share

I have been here for a bit but I haven't contributed anything. I finally made some KAT-TUN icons and though I would share. I can't remember where I found the magazine scan that I took the base images from. If it is yours please let me know.

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SS501 정민 Genle smiles


Note before it all: If this is not allowed, please delete it ya?

Hello there~

Well I will come to the point quickly.
I was going to ask if in this community there are people who roleplay KAT-TUN. In detail: Maru, Ueda, Koki and Junno.

Cause... well yeah... my Kame feels lonely. .___."
So please comment on this entry, or just contact me via AIM on " xHatsukoi "

Thanks in advance,

ontae | juliette green

Love the Shiny!

I'm new here ...actually, i've been lurking , but i've never said much. So I've just posted some icons i've made, new and old. So, umm, for a belated Kame♥ appreciation day? ^^;

(teh fake lj cut)

^^ yea, theres some others not KT in there too. eh...sorry if that offends?
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Thoes damn yarakashis...

I've just made a long rant over at JPB forums so I thought I might as well post it here.

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*I've written this in a really bad state of mind because I've had a full on week of assements so I'm pretty brain dead but I think you can get the main idea.

(Originally posted at my JE journal
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