April 9th, 2006

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Okay, this is a fangirly post.
Anyways, I am just SO EFFING excited for it, even though it's going at 0kb/sec on my computer. ;____; CAN IT GO ANY SLOWER? *sobs uncontrollably into her chicken noodle soup*

The D-Addicts search and download link.
The D-Addicts forum for the show!

I just wanted to notify you all, even though there's probably smarter Junno fans than me and have already downloaded it and watched it and understood every single word of his wonderful speech/lines/words/mouth/sound (since I am Japanese-challenged without subs). <3 Anyways. That's all.

P.S. OMG. It was going at 1kb/sec a second ago!! ♥ ♥ ♥ In other words, stupid firewall.
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[PIC - PAPA] kame walking on the street again.

 Hi....everyone . I'm so sorry for post of yesterday it make someone's hair curl . it the first time (ุ ^ o ^ )!!!!!!
I scans pictures [paparazzi] is kame walking on the street . Today i abb pics jin too.

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I be not sure you ever see it.....? 
Please observe: coat binding waistline of kame it same jin in MS 2006.03.10. and belt  of jin it same who....?  
I hope you will enjoy ( ^ v ^ )
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Mean Yarakashi Fans saying words that hurt Kame's feelings during concert

Hihi..dont click the screen cut if u dun wanna be sad. I just thought I should share this news here since I have already translated the article in the Baka no sekai here: http://bakanosekai.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=357 

Edited..I added translation made by murasaki_five and luvnickie @ baka no sekai (jinjinjinjin)

Maybe we should not believe everything in the fans repo...but I do believe some of them are true to a certain extent. =)

Yarakashi fans = fans who are disruptive and do not follow the rules

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Edited: HIhi..maybe those who can understand and write japanese can go to KAT-TUN official website to leave some msgs for Kame: http://www.kat-tun.jp/bbs/index.cgi

This msg is given to me by rae:

There's this girl called 崎原奈久柳 who knows Yamapi's sister. She has started a "Support Kame Campaign", so to speak. She's helping Chinese fans translate their messages to Kame into Japanese, and will pass them to Pi's sister so that Kame will receive them. Check out her post here, it's in Chinese though -> http://post.baidu.com/f?kz=92894749

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Community Pimping?

So um.

I haven't got the approval to pimp this from @me, but since we're affiliates, I think she's okay... if not, please just delete this post XD; Apologies in advance!

So some of you might have seen me frolic around commenting something about putting your posts in kattun_archive's memories. What is kattun_archive? It's a bulletin/archive community for KAT-TUN members. We recap the happenings in KAT-TUN communities for the past seven days and post up a bulletin each Sunday. We also created a daily-updated archive under Memories section for easy file-searching. We aim to make your life easier~ as diffidere eloquently put, this is one of our purposes :3

That said, I bring you kattun_archive, with its premiere entry.

Good day ♥
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UK Newspaper Article

I don't recall having seen this around here. Its a report on the Japanese Pop industry from a UK newspaper (The Guardian). There's a bit of Johnny's 'history' how accurat it is I don't know, and the guy went to Summary and spoke with Johnny himself. It was interesting to read a different perspective...

(I also like how he capitalises KinKi Kids right, but KAT-TUN wrong...)
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Uhm, like I said a few days ago, I'll be making single wallpapers, too. The first one is done ^^ It's pretty simple but people liked the simple one of the other three, therefore I guess it's alright. I already did a wallpaper today, as birthday thingy for Yamapi, so I didn't have much creativity left, sorry. Hope you like it anyway ^^

So because K is first in KAT-TUN I started with K meaning Kame, and today is Love Kame Day anyway ^^ *hug*

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Gokusen Mpg or Wmv

Does anyone have Gokesen files in mpg or wmv format ?!? I've only seen clips of the show and would like to at least see the whole thing. I know that there are torrents but I can't play those. To anyone that can help THANX !!!!!!

P.S I hope Kame feels better and know that he has fans that really love and support him. I LOVE YOU KAME AND THINK YOU'RE A GREAT ARTIST !!!!

Here's a little gift http://download.yousendit.com/695B486B1F26A099 Gokusen 2 Reunion Special Kame sings Kizuna.

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[caps] Real Face Akame!!!

I know all the things that is happening now, and i very angry and sad at the moment, (hate isnt usefull now i know...so all we cando i think is show our love for him ^-^)

I love you Kamenashi Kazuya!!!!

dont be sad...you had all the love from your real fans and KAT-TUN fans, we always support KAT-TUN!!!!!

SO i made this caps from the PV and put together AKame!!! so enjoy ^-^

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Hiya, I'm Rii and this my first post here. I and my friend ilaila645 have created this fansub and we hope you all enjoy it! I'm sure everyone could use some fun right now.

It is the first of a five part series.

KAT-TUN on Hey x3 - Part 1: Threesome, Lice, and Puppies
Here's what really went down on Hey Hey Hey!

A small teaser:

Prease to watch! XD
Download this one! Megaupload
Or this one! YSI

Brought to you by Riila Productions, creators of Tegoshi Da Pimp. ^^
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non-no 2006.04.05



ok, sorry, but im really confused and i want to get things straight here...

what is with all the Kame hate and who what the crap were those "yarakashi"????? i mean, honestly, wasn't it just about a week ago that ppl were complaining about how rude KT fans were being, when, here we have, a perfect example of how effing retarded and childish this other group of ppl/things are being....and they are the ones complaining???!!!!


really, i mean, how can anyone hate him???? =(
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9/4/2006 Shounen Club performance - Real Face, Gloria, Special Happiness

Hihi gomen, I have no time to make screen caps..=)

But after the sad news about the yarakashi fans..here's something to make all of us happy again.

What's better than seeing Kame happily singing Special Happiness? haha..

Gloria + Special Happiness : http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/1ns67

Oh ya..check out kame, taguchi and Nakamaru's dance in gloria. Cool! haha

Real Face + Intro talk : http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/2ns67

The opening to the song Real Face is really cool and check out that Jinda moment. This time is REALLY prominant...in FULL view..haha..

Edited: The Shounen Club is pre-recorded..
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