April 8th, 2006

Wu Zun From Fahrenheit

Nobuta Special + Special Drama starring Koki

Yo yo..back here with some more downloads..=)

For those who are interested in Nobuta Wo Produce special...here are the download links..

Part 1: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/07467
Part 2: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/mn467

Ah..murasaki_five has kindly made screen caps of that nobuta special here: http://murasaki-five.livejournal.com/2482.html

They are so kawaii ne!

Next up is the special drama starring koki! woo hoo! 

Download link: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/52w57

Oh yah..for those who are interested..do join this JE forum yah..lala.. 


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Funny Faces + Request

Uhm, I was making some screencaps of the Real Face PV, Kames version, and some of the pics I got were well...interesting? ^^` Anyway, don't know, I found it funny, my sis said it's boring. Ah, whatever, look for yourselfe. The picture is rather big, so it might take a while to load...

Kames 1000 Faces

By the way, I got a lot of screencaps, of every version of Real Face. I can upload some if you want, but someone probably already did that...

Ok, now for the Request, I was wondering if someone had some stuff from Shounen Club from 11.09.2003 Not necessarily performances, but some talk. Would be aaaaaawesome if someone could upload something because clubbox is occupied and bittorent is slower than a turtle at the moment ;_; I'd love you forever if you had something.
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