April 7th, 2006


hi minna~

i have downloaded a few mp3s a few days ago n discovered that i don have the clips of 3 performances??
hope that someone can upload the performances for me? pretty please?

C 2003.10.12 02 K-T - no mata mata

SC unknown date - AKame + Ya-Ya-yah - hoshikuzu no veil and this other song that follows behind hoshikuzu no veil

SC 2003.10.12 KAT-TUN - hoshikuzu no Sparkle (Shonentai 1986)

ahhh.. =S im requesting a lil much...
but pretty please? =)


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akame by shigeness

[Pix] Mooooooooore RF tour pix

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Jin molesting everyone but Kame only goes to show how much Akame love is pure and true. No really! I was totally cackling like a crazie when I kept finding more and more pix of him having no trouble acting like a sex predator with TTUN coz they totally confirm my theory. <- delusional fanwoman speak, let's just ignore her and be thankful that at least the pix she uploaded were good X-D
yayoi kusama

AIUEO 4/2 interview

Interview with Chinese subtitles

I don't know if anyone has posted this before, but I just found it on youtube and thought it was kind of funny. Jin made a cold joke when they were talking about how their CD covers looked better than their other covers, and said, "This is not Real Face, it's Real Fake" xD They also talked about their fights and how the most minor one involved Koki flipping a table.
kame || ♥

silly picture [please excuse my crap photo editing]

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hi everyone!! i made a small picture to show everyone my love♥♥! and to hopefully get rid of some of the seriousness ^^ and of course i never post any picture without my original scan so here it is! it's quite large i've seen the monkey pictures before but i've never seen a really big scan so hopefully it wasn't an irrelavent scan ^^

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i have some questions i want to ask about my scans so please feel free to comment!

1. i've seen some people zip the scans and upload it on YSI or MU so that the scans can be over the 1mb limit. would anymore prefer this instead of what i have been doing? i don't really think my scans are that small but i'd like to hear your thoughts ^^

2. before i post more scans is there anything you would like to see me do differently? .png instead of .jpeg? more recent pictures [i have april duet, winkup, and potato, myojo and popolo] more younger scans? i'm pretty much open to any suggestions [except if you have a problem with my watermark.. i'm sorry about that it's a little selfish thing i do -_-;; but i do try and keep it out of the way]

thanks for reading this exceedingly long post! ♥♥ have a nice day!
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